As viewers continue to look for new platforms to consume content, one way Time Warner stays ahead of the evolving landscape is by making strategic investments in new media startups. Today it announced that the company has led a round of funding for Maker Studios.

Maker, founded in 2009, is the most viewed independent network on YouTube, per ComScore, with over 2 billion views online per month. The company has been responsible for the rise of many of online video's digital stars and is the only network to offer partners high quality production, development and distribution services.

The investment in Maker is aligned with Time Warner's strategy to stay at the forefront of understanding, and shaping, new ways for consumers to experience media. Through Time Warner Investments, other digital media start-ups that the company has recently invested in include GetGlue, the social entertainment company that allows U.S. TV viewers to "check-in" to their favorite shows, the social media ad-buying company Adaptly, social TV analytics company Bluefin Labs and the social and mobile games developer Crowdstar.

In making the announcement, Rachel Lam of Time Warner Investments said: "In just a few short years, Maker has established itself as the go-to network on YouTube for top creative talent, and the combination of outstanding creative with formidable audience reach has translated into Maker's phenomenal growth as a company. Our investment in Maker gives us insight into next generation video content and the ever evolving online video landscape, as well as access to new producers of content for Time Warner's existing television, film and cable network operations. We are thrilled to be working with the Maker team."