Today posted an article entitled Critics Beware: TV Everywhere Delivers in 2013 that resonated with us. The author, an executive at Adobe, pointed out that people who are focusing on the current usage of TV Everywhere services are either missing the point or being premature.

Jeremy Helfand writes:

A deluge of mobile devices enter the market every day. And we now live in a world in which consumers use billions of TV-capable screens in addition to the billions of traditional television screens around the world. Mobile device sales have far outpaced TV sales, with more than 10 billion mobile-connected devices expected to be in market in 2017. Compare that to an estimated 650 million internet-connected televisions during the same time. Consumers expect every screen, in every location, to act as a TV screen. The industry will have to follow.

We agree, and are excited about all the progress TV Everywhere has made, as well as where it is headed. Time Warner was one of the first companies to understand the implications of how consumers were watching content on internet connected devices and has been at the forefront of TV Everywhere. The idea behind TV Everywhere is simple: to give consumers what they deserve - new ways to access TV networks, on demand on new platforms, on all devices, when and where they want – with attractive economics for both audiences and content owners. It was first announced as merely a concept less than four years ago by Time Warner Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes and Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. (Consider also that the first iPad did not come to market until nearly a year later).

Today, Turner Broadcasting is at the vanguard of TV Everywhere, making more than 1,000 hours of on demand content and live streams of CNN, HLN and Cartoon Network available to more than 80 million subscribers in the US. Turner also has teamed up with the NCAA to create the NCAA March Madness Live® app, giving fans access to all the games in the big tournament that kicks off tomorrow.

And HBO GO is the gold standard of TV Everywhere products, offering subscribers 1,700 hours of HBO programming on demand across a wide range of devices and platforms. HBO GO has more than 6.7 million registered domestic users so far, and both usage and consumer satisfaction have exceeded our expectations.

Time Warner is not alone, as nearly every television network and every cable, satellite and telco company have signed on. Is there still progress to be made? Absolutely—and our people are working hard, along with much of the television, consumer electronics, and technology industries, to constantly improve the availability and ease of access to the great programming that we produce and subscribers are already paying for, as well as the efficacy and measurability of advertising across all platforms. As Helfand notes: “The opportunity for TV programmers and operators who rise to the occasion, is immense.