If you’re a fan of Warner Bros. Television’s (WBTV) comedy Suburgatory, you may have always wondered what it would be like to live in the show’s fictional town of Chatswin. And if you’re susceptible to April Fools’ Day pranks, you might have fallen for the studio’s hoax yesterday.

WBTV announced (in jest) that the studio would build a real-life town modeled after the show’s TV town – which would have been the first for any scripted series – on 400 acres of land secured in upstate New York.

In addition to filming future episodes of the series on location in the new town, the prank press release claimed that series star Ana Gasteyer was relocating from New York City to become a full-time resident, and would host dinners, gardening events and craft-making parties – all in character as Sheila Shay.

The joke came full circle when gullible viewers who wanted to become official residents of Chatswin and find details about home listings, job openings and educational enrollment, visited www.thewb.com/suburgatory. The image below reveals the final twist in this joke’s plot.

P.S. To non-New York readers, we want to just add that Time Warner Center *is* an actual place. For real!