It’s now a three-thousand mile zone!

Telepictures Productions’ TMZ announced a partnership with On Location Tours, once of the biggest TV and movie tour companies around, to launch “TMZ Tour NYC,” a new tour experience that’s way more than a tour… it’s a two hour show. The tour explores celebrity NYC neighborhoods like Chelsea, SoHo, Greenwich Village, the Meatpacking District and Tribeca, treating tour visitors to the ultimate New York celebrity experience.

Starting May 18, the tour will showcase over 70 locations – like the hotel where Charlie Sheen notoriously trashed his room in a drug-fueled, hooker-accompanied binge -- offering passengers a hysterical look inside the people and stories that made TMZ famous.

Produced by the team behind, TMZ on TV and the TMZ Hollywood Tour, the tour will take place aboard a custom-designed, 52-passenger bus with state-of-the-art audio and video and is hosted by TMZ’s humorous tour guides.

May 18 is coming, and tickets can be purchased here.