(Above: Employees of Time Warner, HBO and Turner Broadcasting pose before an afternoon painting benches in Central Park.)

It takes a lot of effort to keep Central Park a bucolic refuge from the intensity of life in the Big Apple; the Central Park Conservancy depends on an army of volunteers to maintain the park's 843 acres of lawns, woodlands, lakes and playgrounds.

And benches.  Over 9,000 of them altogether, which – if strung together – would stretch seven miles.

Last Thursday, a group of Time Warner employees volunteered an afternoon, giving benches in just one of the park's 21 playgrounds a fresh coat of paint and helping keep the park a great destination for the city's families.

See the photos of the team in action below, and check out the Central Park Conservancy web site for even more cool facts about the park (and to volunteer yourself).

Hello, ladies. Team HBO.

These benches are not short.

Jack is a detail man.

Mallory's being careful not to drip.

The corporate communications team represents.

Tyler's a painting machine.

Oliver knows:  Volunteering is fun.