(Above: Jim Cummings, Time Warner’s SVP of Global Compensation and Benefits, and Arianna Huffington, journalist and entrepreneur.)

By Brooks Jewell

Last night, author, journalist and entrepreneur Arianna Huffington came to Time Warner to discuss her best-selling book Thrive and its message of how to more broadly define personal success.

As the latest of Time Warner’s longstanding Conversations on the Circle speaker series, Huffington was interviewed by Jim Cummings, the company's SVP of Global Compensation and Benefits.

Huffington used her signature wit and personal life lessons to encourage her listeners to regain meaning in their lives by slowing down and asking themselves what they truly value, which is the theme of Thrive.

She contended that many people's definition of success has become so narrow that we are under a “collective delusion” that to succeed we have to sacrifice everything else for money and power – ignoring the third metric, thrive, which she explains has four pillars: well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.

“We are just now realizing how damaging that belief is . . . we’re seeing that the way we are living now is unsustainable," Huffington said, adding that her wake-up call came when she found herself in a pool of blood with a broken cheekbone having collapsed from exhaustion and lack of sleep. She opens her book with that experience so that her readers can avoid having a similar experience of their own. “It’s much easier,” she joked.

Cummings opened his introduction explaining that he gets little sleep, exercises a lot and works long days. Huffington’s book addressed questions that he was beginning to ask himself, and that many hard-working people may also share. “I figured if it was ok for Arianna to be asking herself these questions, then it was ok for me to be asking them.”

Huffington said that most of us are in a crisis she calls a 'time famine.' "We are increasingly enslaved to technology. We are always on,” she told the audience. “You need to simply pick a time when you turn off your devices and gently escort them out of your bedroom ... by letting technology into every minute of your day, you are allowing your best hours to be hijacked by other people’s agendas.”

After the discussion, Huffington spoke with attendees at a reception in Time Warner's Park Cafe and signed complimentary copies of her book. For more advice on the third metric, visit The Huffington Post

Photo highlights of the event are below.