While you're watching Adult Swim this month, you might notice some sweet new IDs–those short videos that run at the beginning or end of a commercial break and resolve on the network's logo–tickling your eyeballs.  

If you enjoy them, you have some talented students to thank.

Eighteen students from the Savannah College of Art & Design's Atlanta campus were selected to be part of a 10-week program last fall in which they worked with Adult Swim to create innovative, short IDs. 

A SCAD alum, VP/Creative Director, Adult Swim On-Air Jason DeMarco came up with the idea for the program after noticing students from around the country sharing Adult Swim IDs–created as class projects–on social media.

"It became obvious that IDs were of interest to people interested in animation," DeMarco said. "We wanted to help foster that; to help make the next animation community."

In the program, students were tasked with creating a sixty-second-or-less network ID that communicated Adult Swim’s philosophy of remaining surprising, honest and inclusive. Each student pitched an ID concept, and then DeMarco and Chris Hartley, Director of Promotion at Adult Swim, selected four of the pitches to move into the next stage of development. The students then broke into four groups and animated the IDs.

The program offered students feedback from someone other than a professor for the first time, as well as invaluable real-world experience.

“I was impressed by the work they did in that amount of time,” Hartley said. “Their work was at the same level as some of the professional animators we hire to make network IDs.”

The original goal of the program was to have one or two IDs approved for air, but Adult Swim EVP/Creative Director Mike Lazzo approved all of the student-created IDs to air on Adult Swim.  Check them out below (and look for them on-air on Adult Swim throughout January).