This week Turner is hosting "Make You Matter," a global event dedicated to supplementing career development and workplace knowledge through a series of guest speakers, workshops and team-building activities.  Ben Hill, Vice President of Human Resources for Turner People Development, and Betsy Holland, Director at Workplace Culture spoke about the new initiative below.

What inspired Turner to launch “Make You Matter” Week? 

Turner’s people are the core of its success.  Without our innovative, dedicated employees, Turner wouldn’t be the industry leader that it is.  So we wanted to make sure they knew that the company values them, and is invested in their development and experience.  We actually borrowed the idea from Ogilvy, which has an annual people-focused day in its New York office.  Then we blew it out to make it week-long and global. 

What areas of interest do the workshops and presentations focus on? How do they tie into Turner’s values?

Last year, John Martin encouraged employees to work with “less fear” as part of a new Turner spirit.  The activities of this "Make You Matter" week all focus on an aspect of having less fear -- taking risks, failing fast, innovating, speaking with candor and trying new things.  Through 100+ sessions hosted in every major Turner location across the world -- from riding a mechanical bull to improv classes to a session on candor with Charles Barkley -- employees are learning to be bolder. 

The Technology Petting Zoo is an innovative idea, how did employees react to the hands-on event?

The ever-evolving digital landscape is a key component of our future business, and the more our employees understand it, the better we’ll be.  And why talk to them about emerging technology when we could have them try it out first-hand?  This is how we put the consumer at the center of what we do -- by thinking like consumers ourselves!

Based on this year’s kickoff, how do you think future Make You Matter weeks may change?

Our next "Make You Matter" week—currently planned for November—will only be bigger, and based in part on the results of Turner’s culture survey; we’re planning to focus on collaboration.  We’ll continue to build the diversity of our workshops and sessions, market them more aggressively, and include more employees as teachers -- all with the ultimate goal of reaching every one of our people with at least one offering each time we tee this up.  And maybe a few of our broader Time Warner colleagues too!