Last week, CNN launched “Facts First,” a new marketing campaign that challenges the notion of “fake news.”

The 30-second ad (above) displays an apple as a narrator makes clear that it's, indeed, an apple, even if someone says it’s a banana. The ad serves as a metaphor pushing back on claims of “alternative facts” and “fake news” without much interpretation needed.

The campaign is currently airing in all CNN, CNN International and CNN Espanol markets.

Talking about the brand campaign Allison Gollust, EVP/CMO, CNN Worldwide, said “We created Facts First because the CNN brand, and the critical role that journalism plays today in the national conversation, has never been more relevant.  We felt it was the right time to make it clear what we stand for and why.”

The network also released a mission statement as part of the campaign. "Once facts are established, opinions can be formed," it says in part. "And while opinions matter, they don't change the facts. That's why, at CNN, we start with the facts first."