26 Mar 2018 DC Announces Five-Project Deal with Frank Miller
Comics Legend Frank Miller is continuing his relationship with DC Comics with a five-project deal announced last week by DC Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee.
06 Mar 2018 WB @ SXSW
Last week we told you what HBO's Westworld has in store for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference & Festivals and this week brings big news from Warner Bros.
24 Jan 2018 The Red Trunks Return for Action Comics #1000
DC is going all out to celebrate the 1,000th issue of Action Comics—the longest continually published comic book of its kind in history, the series that introduced Superman to the world and the
12 Oct 2016 Wonder Woman Powers to the Top
Today, Entertainment Weekly unveiled the "50 Most Powerful Superheroes," a scientific assessment of 155 characters across nine metrics that awarded points from zero to 10 for each
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