28 Jul 2014 Join the Fellowship and Visit Middle-earth
Fans of The Hobbit already use their imagination to travel to the fantastic lands of Middle-earth. Better yet, Peter Jackson and crew have brought Middle-earth alive in all its visual big-screen glory
13 Dec 2013 Smaug Takes Flight
Warner Bros. partnered with Air New Zealand to bring Smaug to the skies in the form of a very unusual B777-300 aircraft. Watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at
04 Dec 2013 Smaug Hoards the Limelight
(The cast and crew of The Hobbit: The Deslolation of Smaug gather around Peter Jackson at the film's L.A. premiere.)Dragon fire could have substituted for Hollywood's traditional searchlights
12 Nov 2013 Inside Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Journey
"It's either a joy or a bad dream, I'm not actually sure which," says Director Peter Jackson. And with that, the twelfth production video for The Hobbit trilogy dives into post
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