19 Apr 2018 The 100: The War to Come
Fans of future dystopia, get ready:  The CW's hit The 100 returns with all-new episodes next Tuesday, and based on the trailer below, life for our favorite factions is about to get...fraught.
31 Jan 2017 New This Week from WBTV
Warner Bros. Television has an exciting lineup of series premieres this week.
26 Jul 2016 The CW: Comic-Con Whirlwind
Our friends at The CW just owned Comic-Con International -- in the friendliest way possible, of course.
15 Jan 2016 An Avalanche of Fun
Life is funny, right? Some weeks you're just lounging around, waiting for something to happen, and then a week pops up that's so chock full of awesome fun it makes your brain explode.
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