The AOL foundation Launches Interactive Education Initiative to 'Seed Testbeds of educational Innovation'

February 11, 1998

Dulles, VA, February 11, 1998 - The newly established AOL Foundation, the philanthropic arm of America Online, announced today the launch of its first major grant program, the Interactive Education Initiative. Through this initiative, the AOL Foundation will provide teams of educators and others seed money to develop and implement innovative, hands-on projects that improve student performance through the integration of interactive technology into the learning environment. "All across the country, we have made tremendous strides in wiring K-12 classrooms to the Internet and online medium. However, there is widespread agreement that these resources are not yet achieving their full potential," said Jim Kimsey, Chairman of the AOL Foundation. "We plan to address this issue by seeding testbeds of innovation through the Interactive Education Initiative. Over the long run, our goal is to create and identify those exceptional educational models that can be expanded and emulated by other schools and communities." Project teams can apply for grants of up to $7,500 to support highly creative ideas for using the Internet and online medium in the classroom to improve student learning. In addition to K-12 teachers and administrators, teams can include parents and community leaders. Review criteria will place special emphasis on proposals from schools and communities that reach socio-economically disadvantaged children. Grant recipients will be eligible to receive in-kind assistance and online support. Through the Interactive Education Initiative, the AOL Foundation hopes to create an ever-expanding network of projects, project teams and education leaders committed to developing and spreading the effective uses of interactive technology. The specifics of the program are: What: Launch of Interactive Education Grant Initiative by AOL Foundation Eligibility: Teams of teachers, administrators, parents, community leaders Application Deadline: April 1, 1998 For More Information Contact: AOL Foundation 22000 AOL Way Dulles, Virginia 20166 (p) 703-265-1342 (f) 703-265-2135 (e-mail)

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