Warner Bros. Online Launches First 'Net-Grown' Animated Star, Bozlo Beaver

February 12, 1998

Company delivers a special Bozlo Valentine's Day episode with togglethis' Interactive Character (IC) Technology as a part of Warner Bros. Online's broad slate of Valentine's Day online programming.

Warner Bros. Online (http://www.warnerbros.com) has harnessed new Interactive Character technology to deliver the most irreverent, irrepressible and truly interactive Valentine and online entertainment available on the web today. The newest superstar of Warner Bros. Online is Bozlo Beaver (http://www.bozlo.com), and in this new interactive entertainment environment, Bozlo is getting dragged, dropped and delivered all over the Internet, just in time for Valentine's Day. The Bozlo character is being developed using the Interactive Character technology from togglethis. Bozlo stars in a series of weekly animated, interactive episodes as he does humorous battle with the computer's owner for control of the desktop. Being interactive, there are multiple outcomes for each episode of Bozlo, assuring that the user can enjoy each weekly episode multiple times. In this special Valentine's Day episode, Bozlo turns to the home user to help him send an e-mail to a mail-order vendor in order to buy his "Bozlette Beaver" girlfriend. In next week's episode, Bozlo will receive a visit from his mail order bride, but the interactive results are not what he imagined. "With the premiere of Bozlo on the Warner Bros. Online site, we can bring a new level of interactive entertainment to our mainstream audience," said Jim Moloshok, Senior Vice President of Warner Bros. Online. "Not only can Bozlo allow us to bring a never-before-experienced level of interaction to entertainment on the Web, he is also the perfect spokesbeaver to deliver our advertiser's messages which are featured at the end of each weekly episode." In addition to being able to view a special Valentine's Day episode of Bozlo, visitors to the Warner Bros. Online site can also send a large assortment of sound-filled Valentine's Day Web cards to loved ones. There are "Looney Tunes Love Cards" and "Valentine's Coupons" (for breakfast in bed, free massages, romantic dinners). If you're in a different frame of mind, you can sample "Dear John" letters (found only at the Insomniacs Asylum at AOL), TV fans will enjoy participating in the Warner Bros. "Primetime Lonely Hearts Poll" (would you fix up ER's Dr. Mark Greene with Murphy Brown?), getting romance hints from "Celebrity Love Talk" (stars of "Party of Five," "Sister Sister," "The Parent 'Hood" and other shows dispense love advice and anecdotes), taking the romance test with "Rosie's Love Quotient Meter" and so much more at http://www.warnerbros.com. The togglethis IC Technology used to develop the Bozlo character is a turnkey system for efficiently creating and distributing Interactive Character-based content for the Internet. In addition, Warner Bros. Online will make the togglethis technology available for advertisers to build the next generation of web advertising. Web-mercial production is offered by Warner Bros. Online as a service to companies that place media on the Warner Bros. Online family of sites, as well as other sites in the online world. Founded in January 1996, togglethis (http://www.togglethis.com) has developed software products for creative producers to develop animated, Interactive Characters for entertainment and advertising online. The next step in the evolution of the Internet landscape, togglethis IC Technology makes it possible for entertainment and advertising developers to create engaging interactive personalities online. togglethis, based in New York City, is a privately held company. Warner Bros. Online is a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. Warner Bros. Online produces entertainment programming for the Internet and commercial online services with sites accessible through the World Wide Web and America Online. Warner Bros. Online's primary site, www.warnerbros.com, ranks at the top of the list of all entertainment destinations on the web, currently delivering 50 million page views monthly. Note: To meet Bozlo Beaver, go to the Bozlo Beaver web site at: http://www.bozlo.com. All screen grabs are cleared for publicity use.

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