Devil's Advocate Dispute Amicably Resolved

February 13, 1998

Frederick Hart, the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. and Warner Bros. are pleased to announce that they have amicably resolved their dispute relating to the alleged use of Mr. Hart's world-renowned bas-relief sculpture Ex Nihilo in the motion picture Devil's Advocate. Warner Bros. denies using Mr. Hart's work and regrets any confusion created as to the origins of the art work in the film.

The parties wish to emphasize that:

  1. There is no relationship between the sculpture in Devil's Advocate and Mr. Hart's Ex Nihilo;
  2. The artwork in Devil's Advocate is not intended to depict Mr. Hart's work; and
  3. Neither Mr. Hart nor the Cathedral endorses or sponsors or is in any way affiliated with Devil's Advocate or the artwork in it.

Warner Bros. has agreed to make changes to certain portions of the film to eliminate any perceived confusion in future distribution of the movie.

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