AOL's Personal Finance Channel is #1 Financial Site in Cyberspace, Media Metrix Reports

February 26, 1998

Almost 60 Percent of All Time Spent in Cyberspace from Home is Now Spent on America Online Dulles, VA, February 26, 1998 -- America Online's Personal Finance Channel is the most regularly visited Channel on the service, with the average user returning approximately once each week, according to Media Metrix's January report. The Media Metrix report, which provides a monthly measurement of both online and Web usage, also indicates that the Channel has more than 5 million unique users, or more than the three times as many users as the top three Web-based financial sites combined, and has a reach of 12.5%. The largest Web-based financial site had 1.29 million unique users and a reach of 3.4% during the same reporting period. "With more than 5 million active users, AOL's Personal Finance Channel is the most popular financial site in cyberspace and one of the most popular areas on the service," said Bob Pittman, President and COO of America Online, Inc. "And, as our members' enthusiasm for online personal finance continues to grow, we are committed to providing them with unprecendented access to the best, most comprehensive and valuable online financial content, tools and services." AOL's Personal Finance Channel enables members to research and trade stocks and mutual funds, conduct their online banking, get the most up-to-date business and market news, access detailed financial data, and chat with other members about market trends and financial information. The Channel provides 60 million stock quotes per day, maintains over 6 million active investment portfolios, and generates over 13 million financial graphs per month for AOL users. Media Metrix's January report, also found the following: -AOL members now spend an average of 51.5 minutes per day online, or twice as much time every day as Web users; *58.3% of all time spent on either the WWW or online from home is spent with AOL; *AOL now accounts for 39% of all traffic from the home to the Web; and *AOL.COM ranked the #1 Web site from home for the 19th consecutive month. Media Metrix, The PC Meter Company, is the only Internet research company that has the technology to measure both World Wide Web and Internet online services and is considered a superior source of online and Web usage data by 135 leading advertising agencies, new and traditional media companies, marketers, financial institutions and technology companies. Media Metrix recently formed a strategic alliance with IntelliQuest -- a leader in information-based marketing services to the technology industry -- to measure and report technology buyers' Web usage and provide technology marketers, advertising agencies and the media that support them with a powerful tool for reaching their target audiences.

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