AOL Enterprise Announces New Remote Internet Access Services in Partnership with Leading Security Companies and Announces Agreements with Lotus and Oracle

April 1, 1998

AOL Enterprise Joins Forces with Leaders Security Dynamics, Aventail Corporation, AXENT Technologies, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., and XcelleNet, Inc. to Provide Corporate Customers with Reliable, Secure & Cost-Effective Remote Internet Access and Systems Management Solutions AOL Enterprise and Lotus Reach Agreement to Provide Internet Access to Corporate Customers Oracle Corporation Selects AOL Enterprise to Provide Its Mobile Workforce with Internet Access and Services DULLES, VA, March 30, 1998 - America Online, Inc., [NYSE: AOL], today announced new services from AOL Enterprise, a service that provides mobile business users worldwide with reliable, secure and cost-effective remote Internet access. By partnering with several of the world's leading security companies, AOL Enterprise utilizes AOL's powerful global network, scalable technology and innovative Internet products to deliver the Internet's most comprehensive and secure access offering designed to support corporations in the competitive, global interactive marketplace. Additionally, AOL Enterprise announced it has reached an agreement with Cambridge, Mass.-based Lotus Development Corporation to provide Internet access in its Lotus Notes collaboration software. AOL also has signed an agreement with Oracle Corporation to provide Oracle's mobile workforce with Internet access and services. AOL Enterprise provides the best value for large corporations looking to reduce the cost of remote Internet access for their mobile users. With access from more than 1,500 cities and over 100 countries around the world, corporate customers can take advantage of AOL Enterprise's network -- the world's largest -- which offers the most available capacity for business users who need to dial in to internal network resources and applications. AOL Enterprise leverages AOL's flexible, scalable architecture and years of experience integrating banking, finance and commerce applications into its online environment, to create a seamless interactive experience for corporations that need to make mainframe and client-server applications accessible through virtual private networks (VPNs.) "Whether it's sales representatives who need to access the latest product information or process a time-sensitive order, or employees on the road who need access to their corporate e-mail system, company news or human resource information, AOL Enterprise provides businesses with seamless cutting-edge service, reliability and security they need in extending their corporate networks to mobile employees, distributed offices, partners and customers," said David Gang, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development, AOL Interactive Services. Unparalleled Security: Partnering With the Leaders Working with the world's leading security companies - including authentication partner Security Dynamics, and VPN partners Aventail Corporation, AXENT Technologies Inc. and Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. -- AOL Enterprise ensures the highest level of privacy, secure remote access and data protection with two-factor user flexible authentication. Additionally, AOL Enterprise works seamlessly with existing firewalls and VPN solutions to guarantee a secure pathway from remote PCs to corporate networks. "Security Dynamics is proud to be providing our market-leading, two-factor user authentication as a standard feature of AOL Enterprise, and we're delighted that AOL chose us as a partner in delivering this technology to AOL Enterprise customers," says Gary Rogers, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Field Operations at Security Dynamics. "Through AOL Enterprise, corporate customers can take advantage of our award-winning ACE/Server and SecurID technologies to authenticate the identity of users accessing corporate networks, information and applications." Lotus Development Corp.: Advancing Business Collaboration on the Internet AOL Enterprise and Lotus Development Corporation are working together to deliver Internet access to Lotus Notes users worldwide. A subsidiary of IBM Corp., Lotus offers software products and services with a broad range of applications that allow users to easily access and communicate information, both within and beyond organizational boundaries. Additional details about Lotus' and AOL's joint product plans will be announced at a later date. "With more than 20 million business users worldwide, Lotus Notes is the industry's most popular groupware platform for the Internet," said Eileen Rudden, Senior Vice President of Lotus' Communications Products Division. "Lotus' extensive experience helping people to communicate and collaborate through Notes, combined with AOL's unparalleled network, will bring the benefits of easy Internet access to our large volume of corporate customers around the globe." Oracle Corporation: Using AOL Enterprise to Connect the Mobile Workforce AOL Enterprise will provide Oracle Corporation with network access and instant messaging for use by Oracle's mobile employees and consultants as part of an Oracle intranet virtual private network. The Oracle Corporation is the world's leading supplier of software for information management and the world's second largest software company. "We are impressed with the breadth of AOL's global network and the cost-effectiveness of the AOL Enterprise solution," says Gerald Corvino, Chief Information Officer, Oracle Corporation. "Oracle's mobile workforce needs reliable, secure remote access to information and applications that are critical to their jobs, wherever they are." XcelleNet: Supporting Remote Systems Worldwide AOL Enterprise and XcelleNet, the leading provider in remote systems management solutions with a current customer base of 1,700 organizations with over 650,000 remote and mobile users, are partnering to ensure quality systems management and maximize user productivity. XcelleNet and AOL will develop a "best-of-breed" remote systems management solution for enterprises supporting large populations of remote and mobile users. The agreement will provide a customized AOL interface for corporate clients using XcelleNet's RemoteWare. The simplified connection will allow RemoteWare clients to initiate a session with a RemoteWare server via an AOL button, and automatically provide users with software updates, current anti-virus packages, back-up of critical files, e-mail, and Web content. With the combined XcelleNet and AOL Enterprise solution, companies can reduce not only the cost of communicating with their remote mobile PCs but also the cost of managing those PCs. AOL Enterprise: Simple, Smart and Secure AOL Enterprise leverages both the strength of the world's largest dial-up network and AOL's experience as the leader in Internet innovations to provide cost-effective solutions to corporate customers: World's Largest Dial-Up Network With the world's largest dial-up network, AOL Enterprise provides Internet access from more than 100 countries and over 1,500 cities around the globe. Whether corporate users are located in different offices, on the road, or at home, AOL Enterprise services keep them "connected" to their company's network and the Internet - via local access numbers and high-speed modems. By providing the network infrastructure and support, AOL Enterprise services significantly reduce the cost and complexity of remote access to corporate networks. AOL's network is the most reliable in the industry with downtime currently averaging .05% of total around-the-clock running time - including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Power to Run Mission-Critical Applications Remote users are able to dial into AOL's worldwide network and connect directly to their company's internal network and databases. From order entry and inventory control to marketing and sales automation updates, AOL Enterprise has the power to run any type of mission-critical application reliably and efficiently. Capable of handling large volumes around the clock and around the world, AOL Enterprise's scalability ensures that corporate users will be able to access important resources quickly and easily. Automatic Application Updates: AOL Instant Update(tm) An exclusive AOL feature, AOL Instant Update(tm) keeps corporate users connected to the latest version of internal application software with automatic updates. Companies will be able to deploy the latest upgrades to different applications faster and easier - dramatically increasing productivity, without added cost. Real-Time Internet Messaging: AOL Instant Messenger(tm) AOL Instant Messenger(tm) allows remote users worldwide to communicate instantly online via private and personalized text messages. Currently the more than 18 million users in AOL's Buddy List Network of AOL members and AOL Instant Messenger users exchange over 270 million instant messages every day. Through AOL Enterprise's partnerships, more business users, many of whom are dispersed in offices worldwide, will be able to use this popular product to enhance productivity and online personal communications. In addition, business users also have access to e-mail, paging, conferencing, newsletters, discussion groups, bulletin boards, exclusive business information, and the world's most secure Web browser. AOL Ease-of-Use; Enhanced Productivity As the millions of people already using AOL are aware, no other Internet online platform is more widely recognized or easier to learn. AOL's integrated features and services are designed to make communicating with others online and accessing information simple and convenient. This enables corporations to spend less time and money training their users -- and spend more time focusing on business issues and being productive. Dedicated and Experienced Customer Service Taking advantage of AOL's world-class customer support organization of 5,500 representatives, AOL Enterprise provides its clients with experienced and dedicated professionals to efficiently answer product and service questions everyday around the clock. With a variety of flexible support options, from telephone support to online help desks, as well as special premium service and support, AOL Enterprise is designed to meet the unique needs of each business. "AOL Enterprise puts these services, security partners, and technologies together in combinations that meet specific need of each client," Mr. Gang said. "By providing the network infrastructure and support, AOL Enterprise services significantly reduce the cost and complexity of remote access to corporate networks and give corporate users universal mobility and easy and convenient applications that will make them more productive."

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