Students Offered Inside Look at Soldier, Futuristic Action-Adventure Starring

April 20, 1998

Kurt Russell and Jason Scott Lee Jerry Weintraub Production to be Distributed by Warne WHO/WHAT:
Art and design students from UCLA, PASADENA ART CENTER, CAL ARTS, CAL STATE SAN JOSE and CAL STATE FULLERTON have been given the unique opportunity to design a portion of a set for "Soldier," a Jerry Weintraub Production that stars Kurt Russell, Jason Scott Lee, Connie Neilsen, Gary Busey and Michael Chiklis; the film is directed by Paul Anderson and is written by David Webb Peoples.

The students have already participated in an introductory tour of the mammoth sets with Academy Award-nominated production designer DAVID L. SNYDER ("Blade Runner"), who assigned them the task of designing (illustrated by drawings or models) one of the rooms of the "Daddy" spaceship from "Soldier." The students were provided with script pages and specs, and are now returning to exchange ideas with Snyder and compare their designs to those already constructed.

Inspired by the enormous and impressive sets designed for the film, producer Jerry Weintraub has opened the stages and art department to these students in his desire to provide an educational experience based in the reality of the film business.

Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank
Stage 19 - "Hot" set of the Daddy Spaceship
(Enter Gate 2 on Barham Boulevard - Please call ahead for security clearance)
Please meet at Stage 15 Conference Room.

Wednesday, April 22, 1998 at 12:15pm

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