America Online Poll Results: 94% of Young Girls Want Careers

April 22, 1998

'Take Our Daughters to Work(tm)...Online' on America Online Provides Window to Careers in Technology For Young Girls Dulles, VA, April 22, 1998--Results of an America Online poll released today indicate 94% of the girls who participated are interested in pursuing a career when they grow up. Today, only 58% of women currently work outside the home**, but the online poll results show the majority of young girls today plan to pursue careers and more than half of them think they may pursue careers involving computer science and technology. The online study was conducted as part of "Take Our Daughters To Work(tm)...Online," a program launched on AOL last week to educate young girls about careers and opportunities in technology. The online poll conducted by Electra, a dynamic online destination for women, asked young girls from ages 8 - 18 about themselves, technology and their futures. Of the 1200+ girls who participated in the online poll between 4/16 - 4/20: * 94 % of girls see themselves growing up to be career women. * 13% have role models in science/technology/medicine. * While 43% of girls consider actors, musicians and athletes their mentors, a full 77% would consider pursuing a career involving computers. * 90% of girls are happy being girls while 10% think it would be better to be a boy. Numerous studies conducted about young girls in the classroom indicate girls are not encouraged to pursue careers in science and technology at the same level as young boys. "Take Our Daughters to Work(tm)... Online" counters this school of thought by showcasing dozens of women who are shaping the world of technology today. The area, available at keyword: daughters, provides girls with online mentors, educates girls about the variety of career options they have available to them, and gives them advice and information on how they can start thinking about their future NOW. The area was created with programming developed by Electra, Moms Online, WorkPlace and Ivillage, and includes a direct link to The Ms. Foundation's Take Our Daughters To Work(tm) online site on the World Wide Web.

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