AOL's Digital City Network Ranked as Internet Online's Most Popular Local City Resource

April 29, 1998

Dulles, VA, April 29, 1998 - AOL's Digital City is now the #1 local content and community guide on the Internet, according to Media Metrix's latest research report. Serving 38 local communities and the people who visit and inhabit them, the network reaches 2.9 million people every month, or more users than the next 3 local content networks combined. Network Reach* 1. Digital City 6.7% 2. Yahoo Local 3.0% 3. Sidewalk 1.0% 4. CitySearch 0.8% *Reach indicates the percentage of the total interactive population that visits an area or website every month from home. The Media Metrix research, which measures online and Web usage for March 1998, reveals impressive growth statistics for the network. According to the research, Digital City experienced a 15% increase in reach during March, with the number of unique visitors to the Digital City network growing by 500,000. "AOL is dedicated to building the most comprehensive, useful and compelling one-stop local content network in cyberspace, and to setting the industry standard in interactive content," said Ted Leonsis, President of AOL Studios. "Mass market media, like cable television, traditionally start out serving a national audience and then expand their footprint to include local markets nationwide. These new statistics signal that America Online is headed in the same direction with momentum building for local content and community resources." Paul DeBenedictis, President of Digital City, Inc. said: "Digital City is extending AOL's national popularity by providing the most compelling local content to its audience of more than 12 million households, as well as to growing number of Web users. And, as our membership and networks continue to expand, we will only become an even more effective advertising vehicle to those looking to impact both local and national audiences." Digital City (DCI), the nation's largest and most popular locally-focused online network, provides an array of interactive products in 38 cities on both America Online and the World Wide Web. On America Online (Keyword: Digital City), Digital City provides a wide range of online services nationwide, delivering local news, community resources, expert reviews, entertainment and commerce in a dynamic and easy-to-use format. On the Web (, the network offers local guides to top U.S. cities through Digital City Web Guide. Research Reveals Steady Usage of AOL's Service The Media Metrix report also reveals usage statistics that show AOL's mass market audience, its leadership in cyberspace, and members' satisfaction and consistent usage of the service: *AOL reaches 45% of all interactive households; *38% of consumers who use the Web access it through America Online; *AOL members now spend an average of 47 minutes on AOL every day; *More than half of all time spent on either the Web or online from home is spent through AOL; *More consumers visit AOL News, Entertainment, Shopping, and Personal Finance, among other Channels, than any other Web site or online area in the same categories; and *AOL.COM, AOL's Website, reaches 44.5% of the total interactive audience from the home, making it the #1consumer Website.

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