Seven Decades of Warner Bros. Film Music Gathered in New 75th Anniversary Box Set, Due from Rhino Entertainment June 2

May 1, 1998

Unprecedented New 4-CD Collection Features84 Songs, Themes & Suites in Many Genres

LOS ANGELES - Rhino Entertainment joins in this year's Warner Bros. 75thAnniversary festivities by releasing WARNER BROS.' 75 YEARS OF FILM MUSIC,a spectacular new four-CD box set collecting the greatest music from sevendecades of classic Warner Bros. films.

In stores June 2, Rhino's WARNER BROS.' 75 YEARS OF FILM MUSIC motionpicture soundtrack anthology features 84 carefully chosen songs, mainthemes, and suites created by a stellar array of composing, arranging,performing, and producing talent for nearly as many Warner Bros. filmsreleased between 1927-1997.

With a running time of more than five hours, the music on this historiccollection covers an remarkable range of popular music (see complete tracklist on the other side). These selections have been honored with a total of37 Academy Award nominations, earning 14 Oscar wins. On the record side,they're also winners of 18 Grammy Awards, and 19 have been major hitsingles.

Of those 19 hits, nine were #1 on the Billboard charts - "Evergreen"(Barbra Streisand); "Kiss From A Rose" (Seal); "Chariots Of Fire Theme"(Vangelis); "Secret Love" (Doris Day); "Who's That Girl?" (Madonna);"Arthur's Theme (The Best That I Can Do)" (Christopher Cross); "SomethingHe Can Feel" (Aretha Franklin); "Every Which Way But Loose" (EddieRabbitt); and "On The Road Again" (Willie Nelson).

Making their CD debut on this box set are selections from such films asGypsy, Finian's Rainbow, Gay Purr-ee, Blazing Saddles, Mame, and manyothers. Eight tracks are previously unreleased altogether,

The accompanying 84-page booklet includes a fascinating history of WarnerBros. film music in liner notes, detailed track notes, and essays by boxset coproducer George Feltenstein, noted film music historian Rudy Behlmer,and Variety reporter Jon Burlingame, plus lots of rare photos from thestudio's archives.

The exquisite package is encased in a 6"x12" deep blue velvet-covered bookwith an embossed gold metal rendering of the Warner Bros. 75th Anniversaryshield logo on its cover.

Rhino's WARNER BROS.' 75 YEARS OF FILM MUSIC box set (catalog numberR2-75287) will be available at retail, by phoning RhinoDirect at1-800-432-0020, and by logging onto the Rhino Website at, for a suggested retaillist of $59.98.

The box set will have an extensive online presence. A new contest is nowposted on the Rhino site at In mid-May, a newFeatured Title page will be posted at Links to that page will beestablished on the official Warner Bros. 75th Anniversary home page at and on the Warner Music Group's EAR 1 meta-site at

For more information about the box set, press kit, and/or artwork, or torequest a review copy (firm assignments only), contact Stephen K. Peeples.Phone 805-250-3195, fax 805-250-3187, or email

DISC 1: Original Themes & Suites from: 1). The Adventures Of Robin Hood(1938); 2). Now, Voyager (1942); 3). King's Row (1942); 4). Casablanca(1942); 5). A Streetcar Named Desire (1951); 6). East Of Eden (1955); (7).Giant (1956); 8). A Summer Place (1959); 9). The Nun's Story (1959); 10).Gypsy (1962); 11). Bonnie & Clyde (1967); 12). Summer Of '42 (1971); ( 13).Dirty Harry (1971); 14). THX 1138 (1971); 15). A Clockwork Orange (1971);16). Deliverance (1972); 17). Superman: The Movie (1978); 18). Chariots OfFire (1981); 19). Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983); 20). The Color Purple(1985); 21). The Mosquito Coast (1986); 22). The Mission (1986); 23).Batman (1989); 24). Driving Miss Daisy (1989); 25). Unforgiven (1992).

DISC 2: 1). "MY MAMMY"/Al Jolson (The Jazz Singer, 1927); 2). "MYMAN"/Fannie Brice (My Man, 1928); 3). "42nd STREET"/Ruby Keeler, DickPowell & Chorus (42nd Street, 1933); 4). "LULLABYE OF BROADWAY"/Wini Shaw,Dick Powell (Gold Diggers Of 1935, 1935); 5). "LULU's BACK IN TOWN"/DickPowell & The Mills Brothers (Broadway Gondolier, 1935); 6). "HOORAY FORHOLLYWOOD"/Dick Powell, Frances Langford, Johnny Scat Davis, Gene Krupa &Benny Goodman & His Orchestra (Hollywood Hotel, 1937); 7). "JEEPERSCREEPERS"/Louis Armstrong (Going Places, 1938); 8). "BLUES IN THENIGHT"/Jimmie Lunceford And His Orchestra (Blues In The Night, 1941); 9)."YANKEE DOODLE BOY"/James Cagney (Yankee Doodle Dandy, 1942); 10). "AS TIMEGOES BY"/Dooley Wilson w/ Elliot Carpenter, Pianist (Casablanca, 1942);11). "ICE-COLD KATIE"/Hattie McDaniel, Willie Best & Company (Thank YourLucky Stars, 1943); 12). "THEY'RE EITHER TOO YOUNG OR TOO OLD"/Bette Davis(Thank Your Lucky Stars, 1943); 13). "HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN"/The AndrewsSisters (Hollywood Canteen, 1944); 14). "SWANEE"/Al Jolson (Rhapsody InBlue, 1945); 15). "MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY"/Mary Martin (Night And Day,1946); 16). "YOU'RE THE TOP"/Cary Grant & Ginny Simms (Night And Day, 1946)17). "IT'S MAGIC"/Doris Day (Romance On The High Seas, 1948); 18). "SECRETLOVE"/Doris Day (Calamity Jane, 1953); 19). "MAKIN' WHOOPIE"/Eddie Cantor(The Eddie Cantor Story, 1953); 20). "MERRIE MELODIES/LOONEY TUNESMEDLEY"/The Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra (1944-1955 & 1997).

DISC 3: 1). "THE MAN THAT GOT AWAY"/Judy Garland (A Star Is Born, 1954);2). "PETE KELLY'S BLUES"/Ella Fitzgerald (Pete Kelly's Blues, 1955); 3)."SUGAR" (That Sugar Baby O' Mine)/HE NEEDS ME"/Peggy Lee (Pete Kelly'sBlues, 1955); 4). "WHY WAS I BORN?"/Gogi Grant (The Helen Morgan Story,1957); 5). "YA GOT TROUBLE"/Robert Preston & Company (The Music Man, 1962);6). "TILL THERE WAS YOU"/Shirley Jones & Robert Preston (The Music Man,1962); 7). "WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?"/Bette Davis & Debbie Burton(What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, 1962); 8). "DAYS OF WINE ANDROSES"/Warner Bros. Studio Chorus & Orchestra (Days Of Wine And Roses,1962); 9). "PARIS IS A LONELY TOWN"/Judy Garland (Gay Purr-ee, 1962); 10)."I'VE GROWN ACCUSTOMED TO HER FACE"/Rex Harrison (My Fair Lady, 1964); 11)."I WISH I WERE A FISH"/Don Knotts (The Incredible Mr. Limpet, 1964); 12)."HOW TO HANDLE A WOMAN"/Richard Harris (Camelot, 1967) 13). "OLD DEVILMOON"/Petula Clark & Don Francks (Finian's Rainbow, 1968); 14). "ONE TINSOLDIER"/Coven (Billy Jack, 1971); 15). "SUPERFLY"/Curtis Mayfield(Superfly, 1972); 16). "I'M TIRED"/Madeline Kahn with Mel Brooks & Company(Blazing Saddles, 1974); 17). "BOSOM BUDDIES"/Lucille Ball & BeatriceArthur (Mame, 1974); 18). "SOMETHING HE CAN FEEL"/Aretha Franklin(Sparkle, 1976); 19). "EVERGREEN (Love Theme From A Star Is Born)"/BarbraStreisand (A Star Is Born, 1976).

DISC 4: 1). "THE GOODBYE GIRL"/David Gates (The Goodbye Girl, 1977); 2)."EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE"/Eddie Rabbitt (Every Which Way But Loose,1978); 3). "CAN YOU READ MY MIND" Maureen McGovern (Superman, 1978); 4)."LATE IN THE EVENING"/Paul Simon (One Trick Pony, 1980); 5). "STAY WITHME"/Bette Midler (Divine Madness, 1980); 6). "ON THE ROAD AGAIN"/WillieNelson (Honeysuckle Rose, 1980); 7). "ARTHUR'S THEME (Best That You CanDo)"/Christopher Cross (Arthur, 1981); 8). "HOW DO YOU KEEP THE MUSICPLAYING?"/James Ingram & Patti Austin (Best Friends, 1982); 9). "THAT'SWHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR"/Rod Stewart (Night Shift, 1982); 10). "WE DON'T NEEDANOTHER HERO"/Tina Turner (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, 1985); 11). "TENDERLOVE"/Force M.D.s (Krush Groove, 1985); 12). "SUDDENLY, SEYMOUR"/RickMoranis & Ellen Greene, with Michelle Weeks, Tichina Arnold & TishaCampbell (Little Shop Of Horrors, 1986); 13). "WHO'S THAT GIRL?"/Madonna(Who's That Girl?, 1987); 14). "IT'S PROBABLY ME"/Sting with Eric Clapton(Lethal Weapon 3, 1992); 15). "DREAM ON TEXAS LADIES"/John MichaelMontgomery (Maverick, 1994); 16). "A KISS FROM A ROSE"/Seal (BatmanForever, 1995); 17). "I SEE YOUR FACE BEFORE ME"/Johnny Hartman (TheBridges Of Madison County, 1995); 18). "THE WINNER"/Coolio (Space Jam,1996); 19). "THE WORLD TONIGHT"/Paul McCartney (Father's Day, 1997) 20)."AC-CEN-TUATE THE POSITIVE"/Johnny Mercer (L.A. Confidential, 1997).

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