Time Warner Companies Lead This Year's Emmy Nominations

July 23, 1998

The networks and production entities of Time Warner received an impressive 132 primetime Emmy nominations this year, representing 34% of the total 390 nominations announced.

HBO received 72 nominations, second only to NBC. HBO's miniseries From The Earth To The Moon garnered 17 nominations, making it the most nominated single program. Warner Bros. Television earned 24 nominations, including 16 for ER, making it one of two shows tied for the second most nominated program. Turner Network Television (TNT) earned a record 18 nominations this year.

The following is a breakdown of nominations:

72 HBO
24 Warner Bros.
18 TNT (includes Babylon 5-1 nom.)
5 Castle Rock
4 The WB Network
4 HBO Downtown Productions
2 Cartoon Network (Hanna-Barbera Cartoons)
2 TBS Superstation
1 Comedy Central

Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX), the world's leading media company, consists of four businesses: cable networks, publishing, entertainment and cable.

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