Today's Teens Cover Classics from '80s Films on In Their Eyes: '90s Teen Bands Vs. '80s Teen Movies

July 23, 1998

First Release on Rhino's New Cheap Date RecordsFeatures Revamped Tunes FromBreakfast Club, Valley Girl, Fast Times, Pretty In Pink, and Others

On October 20, 1998, Rhino Records launches its newly formed label, Cheap Date Records, with IN THEIR EYES: '90s TEEN BANDS VS. '80sTEEN MOVIES. Included on this disc are 15 of today's top alternativeteenage bands with new takes on classic songs from the era of John Hughes.IN THEIR EYES will be available in CD format only at a suggested list priceof $15.98 as well as through RhinoDirect at 1-800-432-0020.

IN THEIR EYES features such established performers as Ben Lee, The Donnas,The Gadjits, and The Stinky Puffs ("In Your Eyes"). While The Grown-Ups,Slimer, Phantom Planet, and The Rondelles have all issued discs, this CDwill launch these groups. Marigold ("If You Leave"), Dyslexic Crush ("AMillion Miles Away"), Oblivious ("Bring On The Dancing Horses"), F.O.N.("You Might Think"), and The Knock-Ups (a gender-bending version of "JohnnyAre You Queer" by this boy-fronted band) make their commercial debut on INTHEIR EYES. The music of Gen X will never be the same again.

While every city has its own teen heroes awaiting discovery, Cheap Datewent one step further to find those diamonds in the rough: intocyberspace. Throughout the month of June, the teen portion of AmericaOnline's Entertainment Asylum (Keyword: Teen Asylum) hosted "The Cheap DateVirtual Talent Show" which solicited demos from teen bands to fill thefinal spot on the compilation. The winner of this contest turned out to beright in our backyard: The English League from Los Angeles who contributesa a rap version of "Weird Science."

Liner notes for this package were penned by Jake Fogelnest, creator andhost of his own television show, Squirt TV - filmed from his bedroom `alaWayne's World - which had a stint on MTV after gaining noteriety on publicaccess. Well, he's all grown up now (18) and gives us a little insight onwhat it was like growing up in a time when all the classic '80s films wereavailable on video (making us all feel a little old).

"Cheap Date Records was founded by some fleet-footed, warm-hearted,good-looking, easily-excitable, able-bodied, fresh-faced,attention-deficited, smart-mouthed hooligan employees of Rhino Records whocame together one smoggy day to do something that needed doing," says EricKayser, Cheap Date's fearless leader. "We love Ferris Bueller. And PrettyIn Pink. And Say Anything. And The Breakfast Club. And Valley Girl. Wedecided to compile an album of today's teenagers spreading some love in theform of songs from our favorite '80s teen movies. Great songs, greatmovies. And now, great teenage bands doing these songs. Doesn't that justput the milk in your Cheerios? Us too."

    Performing "Pretty In Pink," from the film Pretty In Pink , originally
    performed by The Psycoldelic Furs
    Members: Ploma, Lily, Anika, Amy, Danica
    From: Los Angeles, CA
    Age Range: 16
    Also on SFTRI

    Performing "(Don't You) Forget About Me," from the film The Breakfast Club,
    originally performed by Simple Minds
    Members: Adam, Brandon, Hilary, Zach
    From: Kansas City, MO
    Age Range: 15-20
    Appering courtesy of Epitaph/Hellcat

    Performing "A Million Miles Away," from the film Valley Girl, originally
    performed by The Plimsouls
    Members: Eric, Mario, Phil, Natalie
    From: Baltimore, MD
    Age Range: 18
    Debut Performance

    Performing "Somebody's Baby," from the film Fast Times At Ridgemont High,
    originally performed by Jackson Browne
    Members: Darren, Jacques, Jason, Alex, Sam
    From: Los Angeles, CA
    Age Range: 18-19
    Appering courtesy of Geffen

    Performing "If You Were Here," from the film 16 Candles, originally
    performed by The Thompson Twins
    From: Australia
    Age: 19
    Appering courtesy of Grand Royal

  • OBLIVIOUSPerforming "Bring On The Dancing Horses," from the film Pretty In Pink,
    originally performed by Echo & The Bunnymen
    Member: David, Tom, Neil, Iwan
    From: England
    Age Range: 17-19
    Debut Performance

  • CRAZY GLUEPerforming "Oh Yeah," from the film Ferris Bueller's Day Off, originally
    performed by Yello
    Member: Daniel Pemberton
    From: Surrey, England
    Age: 19
    Debut Performance

  • F.O.N.
    Performing "You Might Think," from the film The Sure Thing, originally
    performed by The Cars
    Members: Aaron, Yigal, Alvin, Adam, Ilan
    From: San Diego, CA
    Age Range: 9-18
    Debut Performance

    Performing "Melt With You," from the film Valley Girl, originally
    performed by Modern English
    Members: Oakley, Juliet, Yukiko
    From: Albuquerque, NM
    Age Range: 18-19
    Also on Teen Beat and soon to be on Smells Like Records

    Performing "In Your Eyes," from the film Say Anything, originally
    performed by Peter Gabriel
    Member: Simon
    From: San Francisco, CA
    Age Range: 14
    Appering courtesy of T.E.C. Tones

    Performing "If You Leave," from the film Pretty In Pink, originally
    performed by OMD
    Members: Jacob, Travis, Adam, Nathan
    From: Springfield, OR
    Age Range: 18-20
    Appering courtesy of Outpost

    Performing "Weird Science," from the film Weird Science, originally
    performed by Oingo Boingo
    Members: Matre, Ludacuris, Lericho J., Life Style
    From: Los Angeles
    Age Range: 16-17
    Debut Performance

    Performing "Raised On The Radio," from the film Fast Times At Ridgemont
    High, originally performed by The Ravyns
    Members: David, Eli, Shawn, Justin
    From: Santa Barbara, CA
    Age Range: 15-17
    Also on Goon Records

    Performing "Johnny Are You Queer?," from the film Valley Girl, originally
    performed by Josie Cotton
    Members: Johnny Vail, Layla Laducci, Adam Killer, Lolita
    From: Tucson, AZ
    Age Range: 17-18
    Also on Matchbox & Super 8 Underground

    Performing "School's Out," from the film Rock'n"Roll High School,
    originally performed by Alice Cooper
    Members: Donna A., Donna R., Donna F., Donna C.
    From: Palo Alto, CA
    Age Range: 18
    Appering courtesy of Lookout

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