Firesign Theatre Reignites for First New Recording in Nearly 20 Years!

July 28, 1998

Due September 1, Give Me Immortality Or Give Me DeathSpoofs Final Radio Broadcast on Eve of Millennium

They call it RadioNow, the station so up-to-the-minute thatits format changes every commercial break. And you can sample thestation's final broadcast of the millennium on Firesign Theatre's releaseof GIVE ME IMMORTALITY OR GIVE ME DEATH, coming September 1 on RhinoRecords.

GIVE ME IMMORTALITY OR GIVE ME DEATH stars the original Firesign Theatrequartet (Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman, and Phil Proctor),together for their first studio recording in nearly 20 years. The albumwill be available on CD only at retail stores everywhere or throughRhinoDirect at 1-800-432-0020, with a suggested retail price of $16.98 (atleast until Y2K crashes all the cash registers).

RadioNow, the fictional station broadcasting on December 31, 1999, providesa running commentary for the most celebrated day in, well, a thousandyears. DJ Bebop Loco (Austin) suffers through format changes every fewminutes, while sportscaster Chump Threads (Bergman) offers his listenersodds on junior high soccer, because "the pros are cons, and the collegesare goons on the take." Reporting for the "RadioNow On-The-Spot ActualityNow News Team," Ray Hamberger (Proctor) and Harold Hiphugger (Ossman)fumble through a news drought in which the principal story is the demise ofJoe Camel. From apocalyptic traffic reports to remote broadcasts fromtheir celebrity stalker to late-night conspiratorial cross talk, RadioNowis prophetic comedy in high Firesign Theatre style.

Portrayed by some as America's Monty Python and others as the illegitimatechildren of Mark Twain and The Beatles, Firesign Theatre has broadcastingroots that run from the Golden Age to the burgeoning years of FMunderground. Throughout their 30 year career, they have produced 22 albumsthat have sold more than four million copies. In 1997 they were cited byEntertainment Weekly as among the "Thirty Greatest Comedy Acts of All Time."

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