Walter Cronkite to Co-Anchor CNN's Coverage

July 28, 1998

of John Glenn's Second Trip into Space Pioneering broadcast news journalist Walter Cronkite will join CNN's John Holliman to anchor the network's upcoming coverage of U.S. Senator John Glenn's Oct. 29 return trip into space. CNN's extensive coverage of Glenn's mission, 36 years after the senator became the first American to orbit the Earth, will begin Oct. 26, three days before the scheduled launch.

"Walter covered Glenn's 1962 trip into space. It will be an honor to have him provide CNN's viewers with a sense of both the history and progress that this mission represents," said Tom Johnson, chairman, president and CEO, CNN News Group. "Walter remains the most respected journalist and anchor for all of us who work in television news. We are proud to have him contributing to CNN."

CNN's coverage will begin Monday, Oct. 26, with Holliman previewing the space shuttle Discovery's launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Cronkite will join Holliman to co-anchor the shuttle's Oct. 29 launch and Nov. 7 landing. Holliman, with contributions from Cronkite, will cover Glenn's nine-day mission from NASA's mission control in Houston, Texas.

"For 20 years, Americans learned about the U.S. space program through Walter's reports. He gave voice to the history and technological strides that we witnessed during those missions," said Holliman. "Working with Walter Cronkite to cover a John Glenn space mission will be a defining moment in my life and career."Cronkite has covered virtually every news event during his more than 60 years in journalism, garnering the unmatched respect of his colleagues and the American public alike. Having reported on the first two decades of the United States' manned space missions, Cronkite has come to be regarded as an authority on the U.S. space program. He covered missions including Alan B. Shepard's first flight, in 1961; Glenn becoming the first American to orbit the Earth, in 1962; the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969; the experimental flights of the space shuttle Enterprise in 1977; and the fall of Skylab in 1979. Awarded Emmys for his reporting on the Apollo flights, Cronkite also received the 1978 Skyline Foundation Award for "distinguished contributions to the understanding of aerospace progress," and the 1970 Bradford Washburn award from the Boston Museum of Science for his "superlative presentation of the U.S. space program."The CNN News Group is one of the largest and most profitable electronic news and information companies in the world. The hub of the CNN News Group is the Cable News Network (CNN), distributed to 73 million U.S. households.

Altogether, the CNN News Group is available to more than 800 million people worldwide with six cable and satellite television networks, three private, out-of-home networks, two radio networks, eight Web sites and CNN Newsource, the world's most extensively syndicated news service.

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