Original LolitaSoundtrack Now Available Exclusively from Turner/Rhino

August 3, 1998

The Original Nelson Riddle Scorethat Made the Screen Sizzle in '62,Including 7 Previously Unreleased Tracks

The Turner Classic Movies Music/Rhino Movie Music labels arespotlighting their deluxe edition of the Nelson Riddle soundtrack from theoriginal 1962 Stanley Kubrick film classic Lolita, as the AdrianLyne-directed remake of the movie is set for its U.S. premiere on ShowtimeSaturday, August 2 en route to its theatrical release on September 25 viaSamuel Goldwyn Films.

Turner/Rhino's audio CD marks the world premiere of the complete LOLITAsoundtrack. In addition to the catchy "Lolita Ya-Ya" (embraced by CocktailNation lounge lizards as a kitsch classic), the 23 selections include sevenpreviously unreleased music tracks, as well as seven bits of memorabledialog from the film.

Based on the modern classic by Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita starred PeterSellers, Shelley Winters, and James Mason as Humbert Humbert, a middle-agedBritish professor of French lit who moves to a small U.S. town for ateaching job, and becomes infatuated with Lolita, a very young, teenagenymphet played by a 15-year-old Sue Lyon.

Kubrick's film caused quite a stir while in production and upon its releasein 1962 - in its time, as much as Lyne's remake (featuring Jeremy Irons,Melanie Griffith, and Dominique Swain) has today (Nabokov, in fact, haddifficulty getting the book published in the first place).

As revealed in the liner and track notes by soundtrack expert Joseph Lanza,legendary conductor Nelson Riddle creatively composed and arranged music tosuggest what couldn't be shown on screen in the early '60s. Riddle's workon the LOLITA soundtrack spans many moods, from saccharine sweet tomurderously menacing.

As arranger of choice for The Rat Pack (he helmed many of Sinatra'sswingin' albums, and the Ocean's 11 soundtrack), and composer of the thetheme from the Route 66 TV series, the Grammy- and Oscar-winning Riddle wasimmensely popular then, and remains an icon today, even after his death in1985.

Produced by George Feltenstein, Bradley Flanagan, and Doug Schwartz,Turner/Rhino's LOLITA soundtrack (#72841) is now available at retail, viaRhinoDirect (1-800-432-0020), and the Rhino Websitehttp://www.rhino.com/ordering/ordering_index.html at a $15.98 suggestedlist.A new LOLITA Featured Artist page is slated to be posted in early Septemberon the Rhino Website at . Andmore information about Turner Classic Movies and its program schedule canbe found at .For details on this and all other Turner/Rhino releases, or to request areview copy and/or art, contact Stephen K. Peeples. Phone 805-250-3195; fax805-250-3187; or email .

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