Finally a Music Collection Worth Paying Retail for

August 4, 1998

Rhino Sets October 27 Street Date for Collection of Music For AnyJewish Occassion, To Life!: Songs Of Chanukah & OtherJewish Celebrations, Also Includes Recipes

Wait! Before you needlessly waste your money on that poundof macaroons for Aunt Tillie (I mean, does she really need the calories?),consider this: Rhino Records, pop culture experts extraordinaire, areoffering the chance to bring a smile to her face all year long. On October27, Rhino will proudly release the ultimate collection of Jewish music, TOLIFE! SONGS OF CHANUKAH & OTHER JEWISH CELEBRATIONS.

Consisting of 25 tracks on either a single CD or cassette, TO LIFE! SONGSOF CHANUKAH & OTHER JEWISH CELEBRATIONS will have a suggested retail listprice of $16.98/$10.98 respectively. The compilation will also beavailable through RhinoDirect at 1-800-432-0020.

So alright already, who's on the album? Well, we're glad you asked. TOLIFE! includes a collection of Yiddisha stars that Moses would walk thedesert for, including Theodore Bikel, Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme, MandyPatinkin, Peter, Paul & Mary, and Nell Carter (yes, she's a Jew), to name afew. Included are such jewels as "Dreidel, Dreidel," "Homentashen,"Dayenu," "Chad Gadya," "Avinu Malkeinu," "Hava Nagila," and "ShabbatShalom," among many others.

Produced by Rabbi Jay Levy (with assistance from Yiddishist Alex Schub), TOLIFE! has been in the works for a number of years. Levy, a veteran of themusic industry, also contributed a number of tunes to the compilation andoversaw the liner notes, which, in addition to containing Jewish holidaygames, information about the musicians on the package, and shortdescriptions of the significance of each holiday, also contain lyrics tothe songs in both English and Yiddish. Oy, I'm kvelling!

TO LIFE! also includes a number of traditional Jewish recipes for thingslike No Fail Brisket, Sweet Chicken, and Potato Latkes so that that newdaughter-in-law of yours will be able to properly feed your son, thesoon-to-be-doctor.

Four out of five Rabbis recommend TO LIFE! to wash away the guilt you'vebeen carrying around because you forgot to call your mother on her birthdayin 1981. What's that you say? You're not Jewish? Don't worry, it makes agreat gift for your friends who are. Besides, even if you aren't Jewish,chances are you're guilty of something, and you know what? It couldn'thurt.

The musical history of a people, on one album, for this price?! That's nochopped liver, bubbie!

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