Explore the Causes for United States Involvement in World War II With Oscar-Winning Series of Wartime Documentaries

August 5, 1998

Rhino Home Video Sets August 18 Street Date For Why We Fight, A HistoricalSeven-Volume Boxed Set Directed By Frank Capra

With the theatrical release of Saving Private Ryancapturing the interest of both critics and audiences, Rhino Home Video ispleased to annouce the release of WHY WE FIGHT, an incredibly powerfuldocumentary series on the origins, causes, and justifications for America'sinvolvement in World War II. Digitally remastered from the original prints,Rhino will release the seven-volume video boxed set on August 18 for asuggested retail price of $39.95.

As World War II raged on in Europe, and Britain was being pummeled by acontinual German aerial onslaught, America's Army Chief of Staff, George C.Marshall, was preparing to fight the war against U.S. troop apathy. Hissecret weapon turned out to be a young filmmaker named Frank Capra, andwhat they accomplished together changed the face of documentary moviemakingforever.

Guns, tanks, and bombs were the principal weapons of World War II, butthere were also other, more subtle, forms of warfare as well. Words,posters, and films waged constant battle for the hearts and minds of theAmerican citizenry just as surely as military weapons engaged the enemy.Persuading the American public became a wartime industry, almost asimportant as the manufacturing of bullets and planes.

During World War II, the Government launched an aggressive propagandacampaign to galvanize public support, and some of the nation's foremostintellectuals, artists, and filmmakers became warriors on that front. InWHY WE FIGHT the work of Frank Capra, then a major in the U.S. Army SignalCorps, becomes a persuasive study of the threat of the Axis powers and thenecessity of the United States to enter the war.

Capra's determination to create a powerful documentary led him to utilizethe talents of John and Walter Huston, Walt Disney, and thestate-of-the-art facilities at MGM, Paramount, and 20th Century Fox.Required viewing for new enlistees, the flickering images of Hitler'sbarbaric atrocities in his quest for world domination were all these youngmen needed to justify entering the war.

WHY WE FIGHT includes seven volumes: Prelude To War, The Nazi Strike,Divide And Conquer, Battle of Britain, Battle of China, Battle of Russia,and War Comes To America. Each film was compiled from authentic newsreelfootage, official film from the United Nations, and captured enemy film.

Winner of the 1944 Academy Award for Best Documentary for Prelude To Warand Battle of Russia as well as the 1944 New York Film Critics Award forBest Documentary Series, this engrossing series provides a fascinating andhistorical look at media as a powerful motivational tool.

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WHY WE FIGHTPre-order date:June 30, 1998
Format: VHS; VHS Hi Fi; EP
Street date:July 21, 1998
Running Time: 6 hours
Sug. Retail Price: $39.95

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