AOL Launches the TeraPOP, a Leading Exchange Point with the Internet

August 6, 1998

DULLES, VA, August 6, 1998 -- America Online, Inc. [NYSE: AOL], the world's leading Internet online services company, today announced the launch of one of the largest Internet traffic exchange points in the world at its facilities in Northern Virginia. Known as the "TeraPOP," this new exchange point enhances AOL's leadership in providing consumer access to the Internet, accounting for 40% of all household traffic on the Web. AOL also announced today that its members are accessing a record high of 1 billion Web hits daily, the first online service ever to handle this volume of traffic to the Web. The TeraPOP provides AOL members with direct access to other major Internet networks. This direct access enables the TeraPOP to provide AOL members with even faster access to the Internet by removing the need to travel through multiple exchange points when accessing many locations on the Internet. Because the TeraPOP simplifies and streamlines the routes through which Web traffic travels through cyberspace, it also reduces congestion on the Internet. "The TeraPOP places AOL at the center of the Internet for our members, who now are viewing over 1 billion Web pages daily," said Matt Korn, AOL's Senior Vice President of Network Operations. "This technology speeds AOL members' access to the Internet as well as streamlining the flow of information throughout cyberspace, and demonstrates AOL's strong commitment to leading the online industry into the 21st Century." Dramatically enlarging AOL's connectivity to the Internet, the TeraPOP has the capacity to move more than 4,000 Megabits of information to and from the Internet each second. The TeraPOP uses some of the biggest connections in the industry, known as OC12, each capable of moving 622 Megabits per second. It also utilizes a large number of smaller bandwidth connections to directly connect to the Internet backbones of multiple carriers. AOL's peering partners in the TeraPOP include: AboveNet Communications, Comstor Network Services -- a division of General Electric, Concentric Network, Conxion, Exodus Communications Inc., Geonet, GTE Internetworking, PSINet, ServInt Internet Services, WINSTAR Communications, Inc., and other major Internet providers. AOL expects to continue to expand the number of participants in the TeraPOP to further improve its members' experience, performance on the participants' networks, and the Internet at large.

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