CompuServe and JFAX Partner To Provide Unified E-Mail, Fax and Voice Messaging

August 10, 1998

COLUMBUS, Ohio, August 10, 1998 - CompuServe Interactive Services, Inc., and JFAX, a leader in unified messaging services, today announced a multi-year, multi-million dollar agreement to feature JFAX's voice and fax messaging services throughout CompuServe. Under the agreement, CompuServe's more than 2 million members worldwide can route their e-mail, fax and voice messages to one CompuServe inbox. The JFAX service, along with CompuServe's paging options, make CompuServe a powerful tool for time-constrained members. JFAX allows members to integrate fax and voice messages with CompuServe's e-mail through a local or toll-free telephone number in any of the more than 55 cities and area codes along the global JFAX network. Faxes and voice messages sent to this dedicated number go directly into the member's e-mail account, eliminating the need for an additional phone line for fax and/or answering machines, and adding convenience, privacy and value to the way members communicate. "CompuServe's mission is to provide solutions for our busy adult members. JFAX's unified messaging services are exactly the type of time-saving and solution-oriented services that appeal most to our members who want to become more productive in both their professional and personal lives," said Beth Sibbring, vice president of commerce for CompuServe. JFAX founder and co-chairman Jaye Muller said, "Thousands of business people have discovered that they really need JFAX one-stop messaging services in order to streamline communications and stay ahead of the business curve. CompuServe's members are logically our customers of tomorrow, so we are very pleased to continue to offer CompuServe members our services." In addition to the JFAX service, CompuServe offers members the ability to route critical e-mail addressed to a CompuServe address directly to a pager. No longer is an important message missed because of travel or infrequent e-mail access. Members immediately receive the text of e-mail messages, via alphanumeric pagers, or notification of waiting messages on numeric pagers. In addition, they can receive updates on specified stocks throughout the day or when predetermined criteria are met, such as a dramatic change in stock price. And now there is no need to wonder whether a favorite sports team won or look for a newspaper to check the scores; final scores can be routed directly to a pager. As an added benefit, members can elect to be notified of severe weather in their hometowns or in locations to which they are traveling. "CompuServe's paging services give mobile professionals - and anyone receiving critical e-mail and messages - an alternative means of staying in touch, eliminating the need to be 'online' to receive important information," said Sibbring. "Using pagers to receive information can provide a leg up in business as well, with instant news alerts on competitors or companies included in a stock portfolio, keeping the member on top of his or her investments. Together, JFAX and CompuServe paging services allow our members the flexibility and versatility of receiving their messages anytime, anywhere and on any device." Members can access JFAX and CompuServe paging services through the CompuServe Communication Center (GO COMMUNICATION). JFAX was founded on the visionary idea of a universal in-box combining a reliable, low-cost means of getting faxes and voice-mail with the ability to maintain inexpensive virtual offices in multiple cities. The company began doing business in June 1996, and currently provides local telephone numbers in more than 55 cities and area codes worldwide. JFAX is a winner of the Sunday Times-British Telecom Technology Award. JFAX Communications, Inc., is based in Los Angeles, and has offices in New York and Windsor, England.

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