1 - 2 - 3 - 4! Hit the Road with Fast and Furious Punk Icons The Ramones

August 19, 1998

Rhino Home Video Announces September 29 Street Date for Ramones Tour"Rockumentary" Filmed And Produced By Drummer Marky Ramone

Get crazed with The Ramones as they invade the planet andwhip safety pinned crowds into a near frenzy on Rhino Home Video's new tourdocumentary, THE RAMONES: AROUND THE WORLD, hitting streets September 29.Running approximately 71 minutes in length, with a suggested retail listprice of $14.98, THE RAMONES: AROUND THE WORLD is an insiders view of lifeon the road with The Ramones, filmed and produced by the band's drummerMarky Ramone. AROUND THE WORLD will be available via retail outlets or bycalling RhinoDirect at (800) 432-0020 (Consumer) or (800) 843-3670 (Trade).

Consisting of leader Joey Ramone (lead vocals), Johnny Ramone (guitar), CJRamone (bass), and Marky Ramone (drums), this group of "brothers" spin outof control while touring the world with energetic gigs in San Francisco,Brazil, and Japan. With this video, fans can now tag along with the band astheir tour bus is attacked, they receive gold records worldwide, hang outwith Motorhead's Lemmy, cavort with Drew Barrymore, and play at the 1996Lollapalooza. Also included on AROUND THE WORLD are such fast and furiousanthems as "Pet Sematary", "Teenage Lobotomy," "Blitzkrieg Bop," "I Want ToBe Sedated," "Rock 'N' Roll High School," and "Beat On The Brat."

The Ramones are championed for revolutionizing punk music, crashing ontothe scene during the vapid 1970s as living, leather-jacketed cartooncharacters with a relentless tenacity and ability to play 30 songs in anhour. As punk waned, the Ramones matured - that is, they learned a couplemore chords, extended their songs beyond two minutes, and started writingabout topics other than girls and mental disorders. Their records have runall over the map, from the Phil Spector-produced grandeur of End Of TheCentury to the head-banging speed metal of Halfway To Sanity. Although theband saw a few lineup changes with bassist CJ joining the band in 1989,they managed to always keep their music fresh and relevant, and even SPINmagazine dubbed The Ramones "one of the seven greatest rock bands of alltime."

Pre-order date:July 28, 1998
Format: VHS; VHS Hi Fi
Street date: September 29, 1998
Running Time: 71 minutes
Cat#: 2546
Sug. Retail Price: $14.98

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