Boris Karloff Haunts the Undead -Rhino Home Video Announces August 18 Street Date for The Karloff Collection,a Seven-Video Box Set of Karloff's Most Nightmare-Inducing Titles

August 19, 1998

Before Jason, Freddy, and splatterfests such as Scream andScream 2lacerated moviegoing audiences around the world, Boris Karloff was themacabre master of Hollywood horror. Preying on people's innermost fears andinsecurities, Karloff had the uncanny ability to evoke the primal sense ofdread in his audience. The very mention of Karloff's name conjures up someof Hollywood's greatest, classic horror movie masterpieces: Frankenstein,The Mummy, and Bride Of Frankenstein.

In the nightmarish spirit of this horrific hero, Rhino Home Video releasesTHE KARLOFF COLLECTION, a terrifying seven-volume box set featuringKarloff's final four films - Alien Terror, The Torture Zone, Cult Of TheDead, and Dance Of Death - and several tales of terror from his macabretelevision series appearing on Destination Nightmare, The Veil, and JackThe Ripper.

Guaranteed to leave unwary viewers with feelings of dread, dismay, andfree-floating anxiety, the set is slated for sell-through on August 18 andwill carry a suggested retail price of $39.95. THE KARLOFF COLLECTION willbe available via retail outlets or by calling RhinoDirect at (800) 432-0020(Consumer) or (800) 843-3670 (Trade).

The titles included in this handsomely packaged box set are nothing lessthan teethgrinding, arm-gouging, bone-chilling, blood-curdling masterpiecesof classic Karloff:

The Torture Zone
An alien life form teetering on death is kept alive by Dr. Karl Mantel(Karloff) as well as infusions of Piriculum, a substance produced in humansduring periods of great terror. Mantel devises sinister ways to scareunwary victims, then extract the juice with ahorrifying, foot-long needle.

Cult Of The Dead
Zombies rise from their graves to feast on human flesh in this 1968fiendish flick. Karloffis Karl Von Molder, a plantation owner studying demonic voodoo rituals forhis owndiabolical use.

Alien Terror
Aliens land on Earth and hunt down Professor John Mayor (Karloff) to invadehis mind.

Dance Of Death
Mathian Mortval (Karloff) lures his greedy relatives together one last timewith promises of wealth upon his impending death. When he finally dies,it's all any of them can do to refrain from snatching the will from hisstill-warm hand. Things aren't that easy, however, as the giant mechanicaltoys in Mortval's home come to life swinging axes and firing deadly canons.

Destination Nightmare, The Veil, and Jack The Ripper each feature tales ofthe supernatural hosted by the legendary Karloff. The horror giant stars inboth blood-curdling episodes found on Destination Nightmare and The Veil,and also appears in one of the three spine-tinglingchapters haunting Jack The Ripper.

To add an extra dimension of terror to your day, contact Brenda Lowry atRhino HomeVideo for THE KARLOFF COLLECTION artwork or screeners.

Pre-order date:July 28, 1998
Format: VHS; VHS Hi Fi; EP
Street date: August 18, 1998
Running Time: Ò 7 hours
Cat#: 2507
Sug. Retail Price: $39.95

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