AOL Surpasses 13-Million-Member Mark

August 27, 1998

Dulles, VA, August 27, 1998 -- America Online, Inc. [NYSE: AOL] today announced that worldwide membership of its AOL Internet service has surpassed 13 million and, with the launch of the new AOL 4.0 software, member usage continues to set cyberspace records. Among the latest usage milestones, peak usage now tops 750,000 simultaneous users, compared to 400,000 one year ago and just 5,000 five years ago. Average quarter-hour viewership has reached 1 million, outstripping both CNN and CNBC. And AOL members now are recording more than 1 billion Web hits daily, nearly tripling over the past year. "As the best value in cyberspace, AOL has continued its strong global growth momentum -- attracting mass market consumers with its convenience and ease-of-use," said Bob Pittman, America Online's President and Chief Operating Officer. "And our next-generation AOL 4.0 software, with its unparalleled array of 500 new features, is making AOL even more valuable to our members. Fueled by rave reviews, AOL 4.0 is experiencing the fastest-ever adoption rate of any online product." The final version of AOL 4.0 became available free to members for downloading on July 30, 1998. Already, more than 5 million members have downloaded all versions of AOL 4.0, and nearly half of all members' sessions are being conducted on 4.0. The launch culminates this fall with broad-scale consumer mailings of easy-to-install CD-ROMs to millions of members and potential customers. To keep pace with this growth in membership and usage, AOL said it is continuing to expand AOLnet, already the world's largest dial-up network. The total number of modems available to members climbed from 447,000 to 800,000 during fiscal year 1998, substantially exceeding the Company's stated goal of adding 25,000 modems per month. The year's modem growth rate of 79% surpassed the 45% membership increase for the year -- illustrating the Company's commitment to improving the current member experience and preparing for future growth. In the coming year, the Company said, it would continue to add at least 25,000 modems each month, and it expects that the total number of modems available to its members will exceed one million modems within the next year.

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