AOL Presents Exclusive Collection of Rarely Seen Diana Photos in New AOL Area Dedicated to Remembering the Princess

August 28, 1998

Diana Anniversary Area on AOL Features a Place to Post Thoughts on the Princess, an Opportunity to Support LSN, Photos and News of Prince William, and more Power of Online Medium Demonstrated Last Year as Millions Gathered to Mourn Diana Dulles, VA, August 28, 1998 - America Online, the world's leading Internet online service, today debuts an exclusive collection of rarely seen Diana photos -- in fact, most have never been published before. The pictures present an intimate look at Diana's trip to Bosnia with the founders of the Landmine Survivors Network just three weeks before her death. At one point in the trip Diana said to a leader of the Landmine Survivors Network, "I have a picture I can't get out of my mind. It's of me in a cemetery. Isn't that a powerful image?" So they brought her to a Sarajevo cemetery - and took a remarkable series of pictures of her there. "We are honored that the Landmine Survivors Network selected AOL as the place to showcase these rare photos," said Jesse Kornbluth, Editorial Director of Channel Programming for AOL. "With all the media about Diana, it's hard to cut through the noise and remember why we feel her loss so deeply. But these pictures dramatically remind us how much good she did --- and how much more she might have achieved. They'll spark lots of conversation on our message boards." Last year, the death of Princess Diana inspired 175,000 messages in the span of a few days, the most ever posted on a single subject at that time. Thousands gathered online to mourn with online friends while watching the simulcast of Diana's funeral. The power of an online community was felt for the first time those days after Diana's death as people found a place to not only retrieve information, but to talk about their grief with others across the world. It wasn't until earlier this month, when AOL members discussed President Clinton that AOL has seen such a firestorm of activity. Added Kornbluth: "Community is such a big part of AOL that it's easy to take it for granted --- until there's a national need for catharsis. Then we see how our members make these areas come alive with an outpouring of feelings." This year, AOL and the Landmine Survivors Network hope that the imminent focus on Diana will also draw attention to a real and serious cause still in need of attention - war victims who have been injured by landmines. "Diana brought hope to landmine survivors because she understood that with support, victims become survivors," said Jerry White, Co-Founder, Landmine Survivors Network. "LSN lost a great friend but we believe others who have been exposed to this area on AOL will follow in her memory." The Diana Anniversary Area The Diana area (Keyword: Diana), dedicated to remembering the woman millions wish to celebrate and remember a year after her death, features AOL's trademark chat and message boards, the exclusive LSN photos, news and photos of Prince William, and a discounted collection of Diana books from Barnes & Noble. Live events will take place in AOL Live including a chat with Jerry White and Ken Rutherford, founders of the Landmine Survivor's Network, who will discuss their remarkable trip to Bosnia with Princess Diana at 8:30pm ET on August 30th.

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