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September 4, 1998

Rhino Home Video Announces October 20 Street Date for Legendary Who Isle Of Wight Performance

The Who was one of the most energetic acts in rock 'n' rollhistory, and Rhino Home Video has them live, tirelessly performing at thefamous Isle Of Wight festival on a brand-new video hitting streets October20.

Recorded at the renowned music festival in August 1970, THE WHO: ISLE OFWIGHT collects "My Generation," "Magic Bus," "I Can't Explain," and manymore of the group's exhilarating '60s singles, as well as selections fromthe breakthrough rock opera Tommy, one of the band's best known works,which remained on the charts for more than two years.

Running approximately 85 minutes in length, with a suggested retail listprice of $19.98, THE WHO: ISLE OF WIGHT will be available via retailoutlets or by calling RhinoDirectat (800) 432-0020 (Consumer) or (800) 843-3670 (Trade).

Just one year after Woodstock, the Isle of Wight Music Festival drew morethan 600,000 people to a small island off the coast of England. At 2:00a.m. on August 30, 1970, this normally quiet island rumbled with a potentand expressive force of energy as The Who mounted the festival stage. RogerDaltrey (vocals), Keith Moon (drums), John Entwistle (bass), and PeteTownshend (guitar) played continuously until 5:00 a.m., pounding throughseven of their powerful pop hits, plus 13 songs from the rock opera Tommy.With Townshend spontaneously smashing his electric guitar and Moondestroying his drum kit, The Who once again proved themselves the greatestlive act in the history of rockwith this whirlwind performance.

Originally a straightforward R&B band that played for England's short-livedmod subculture, The Who gradually developed a creative and forceful stylethat led the British Invasion's second wave and gave them lasting fame.Chief songwriter Townshend impulsively began smashing his electric guitarat London's Marquee Club, while Moon (who joined the band after vaultingonstage and announcing he could best The Who's original drummer, DougSandom) followed Townshend's cue, regularly destroying his drum kits at theend of the band's shows. Daltrey and Entwistle, the band's talented roleplayers, watched the smoke and violence with bemusement.

Eventually Townshend's writing talent lifted the group from short power-popditties to more lofty, artistic compositions. The band followed Tommy withsuch classic albums as Who'sNext, Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy, and Quadrophenia.

For further information about THE WHO: ISLE OF WIGHT, review copies, tracklisting,or artwork, please contact Brenda Lowry at Rhino Home Video.

Pre-book: September 29, 1998
Format: VHS; VHS Hi Fi
Street date: October 20 1998
Running Time: 85 minutes
Cat#: 2369
Sug. Retail Price: $19.98

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