Warner Bros.' Media Camp WB Accelerator Program Announces Inaugural Class

May 20, 2013

Companies Include Cinecore, Dealflicks, Kumbuya, Reelhouse and Storytime Studios

Program Provides Seed Money to Early Stage Companies Creating Entertainment Technologies and an Opportunity to Work With Studio Executives

BURBANK, Calif. – Warner Bros. today announced participants in its inaugural "Media Camp WB" class. The five companies - Cinecore, Dealflicks, Kumbuya, Reelhouse and Storytime Studios – were selected from hundreds of applicants competing for a spot in the coveted 12-week accelerator program. These early stage companies will work alongside Warner Bros. executives to gain valuable insight into the Studio's business, and develop next-generation technologies and products for the entertainment industry.

"Media Camp WB gives us the opportunity to identify external innovators and expose them to the inner workings of the media industry," said Debra Baker, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. "Our curriculum and the caliber of mentors will help these companies harness trends and focus on the emerging and ever-changing media tech landscape."

Started in 2012 by Turner Broadcasting, Media Camp is a comprehensive program that educates entrepreneurs and enables them to build and expand-media related technology businesses. In Media Camp WB, selected companies and entrepreneurs will attend 12 weeks of presentations and workshops facilitated by Warner Bros. executives, as well as receive formal mentorship from media industry experts. Media Camp WB will be held at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, with a series of networking events planned across Los Angeles.

Members of the inaugural Media Camp WB class are:


Cinecore is a complete paperless project management solution for film and television productions. It keeps the entire cast and crew on schedule and organized with digital document distribution, digital file storage and location maps through an in-app Google maps interface. (www.cinecore.com)


Dealflicks is yield management for movie tickets, which allows consumers to get the best value on movie tickets and concessions 24/7. (www.dealflicks.com)


Kumbuya is social commerce in the context of curated, community generated content. (www.kumbuya.com)


Reelhouse is an online video platform that provides filmmakers complete control to self-distribute content directly to their viewers. Filmmakers access the latest monetization, social and showcasing features which in turn engage viewers in what Reelhouse is setting as the new standard for online viewing experiences. (www.reelhouse.org)

Storytime Studios, Inc.

Storytime Studios, Inc.'s Skit! turns every iPad into a storytelling studio. It allows the user to bring anything to life, from pop culture icons to Facebook friends; creating stories is as simple as swiping a finger. Gestures give life to the creation, and the user's voice provides the soundtrack. (www.skitapp.com)

Media Camp WB demo day is scheduled for early August where VCs and potential investors can meet executives from these five startup companies. For event updates, sign up for the Media Camp WB newsletter at www.mediacamp.com.

Startups can apply for future accelerator classes at www.mediacamp.com/apply.

About Media Camp Media Camp, a Turner/Warner Bros. initiative, is a comprehensive accelerator program that educates entrepreneurs and enables them to build innovative media businesses. Key features of Media Camp include presentations and workshops focused on media technology, formal mentorship from media industry experts, community events and knowledge sharing, as well as direct investments including partnerships and vendor relationships. For more information, visit www.mediacamp.com and follow us on Twitter @themediacamp.

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