13 Aug 2018 New York Latino Film Festival Returns August 22
The New York Latino Film Festival (NYLFF), presented by HBO, kicks off its opening night on August 22 with the iconic Ruben Blades and the documentary Ruben Blades Is Not My Name.
13 Aug 2018 Crazy Fabulous Premiere
Last Tuesday the cast and crew of Crazy Rich Asians walked the jade carpet at the film's premiere in a display of glamour and high style we rarely get to see these days.
13 Aug 2018 Rebecca Sugar Sings a Farewell to Adventure Time
Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar returned to her old Adventure Time stomping grounds at San Diego Comic-con 2018, appearing on the Adventure Time panel, and she brought a wonderful gift: Sugar
09 Aug 2018 A Meg(a) Premiere
Warner Bros.' The Meg had its world premiere Monday at Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre ahead of its opening in theaters this weekend, and the cast, crew and company executives were out in
09 Aug 2018 The Dream Begins
The world of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman is about about to get a few new corners with the debut of The Sandman Universe, four new ongoing books that will return us to Gaiman's landmark fantasy
08 Aug 2018 Yeti or Not: Get to the Smallfoot Yeti Village
Last week we told you all about the Smallfoot Yeti Village in Hollywood. Well, now the movie's stars are here to tell you why—if you're in Los Angeles between August 12 and September 14
08 Aug 2018 NY Comedy Fest Returns November 5
Did you see the news? The 2018 New York Comedy Festival kicks off November 5 in—not surprisingly—New York City, and it's once again partnering with TBS to present more than 200 comics
08 Aug 2018 Impractical Jokers: Their Embarrassment Is Our Fun
Who would have thought pranking your buddies would turn into an international hit show with a growing fandom? truTV is thinking – ummm – we did. The success of Impractical Jokers”
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