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4 Jun 2010 - By TW Staff

Out My Window

Warner Bros. 2013

Platforms: Web-based

outmywindow allows users to add Warner Bros. movie and TV show-themed frames, filters and stickers to their photos, living up to its tagline: “your world. more entertaining.” In addition to these Hollywood-themed effects, the app has a suite of filters and editing tools to make each frame picture-perfect. An all-in-one service, outmywindow also offers users the ability to organize their photos into albums, or share them with select friends or through social networks, and provides 5 GB of storage.

CNN iReport

New Journalism
Turner Broadcasting 2006

Platforms: Web-based

Technology has changed the way stories are told and how we report the events that matter. CNN’s iReport platform allows everyone around the world an opportunity to be part of the news, instantly creating a global news community. To date, iReports have been submitted from every country, with more than one million iReporters offering firsthand accounts of events as they unfold. Users upload their stories and photos from any location using smartphones, tablets or computers. The stories aren’t edited or fact-checked before they appear online, but CNN vets all iReports that are used across the network’s cross-platform news coverage.

NCAA March Madness Live

New Journalism
Turner Broadcasting 2013

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android 4+ operating systems

NCAA March Madness Live®, produced by Turner Sports, delivered an unprecedented experience across a variety of screens throughout the 2013 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. The app included live streaming coverage of all 67 games from the NCAA Tournament, along with live scores and stats, real-time bracket updates and expansive social features and interactive components. The app also provided both a primary or companion experience for fans seeking to catch all the tournament action from any location, across any screen of their choosing.

HBO GO IVE: Game of Thrones season 2

Interactive Viewing Experience
HBO 2012

Platforms: iOS

The HBO GO interactive viewing experience for Game of Thrones season 2 on the iPad lets viewers go deeper than ever into the story. This immersive and exciting capability creates an elegant, intuitive way to explore the world of Westeros. By watching full-length episodes of the series alongside an “alert feed,” viewers can engage with original features created exclusively for the service and never-before-seen bonus content such as cast and crew commentaries, descriptions of new characters as they come into the scene, background stories, and more.

Johnny Cash Project

Crowdsourced Storytelling
Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin
Produced by Google Creative Labs 2010

Platforms: Web-based

Recipient of Cyber Lion and Clio Interactive awards, and a Grammy nomination for Best Short Format Music Video, the Johnny Cash Project activates the power of crowdsourcing to create a dynamic, digital memorial for the late great artist. Fans around the world use an image template and custom drawing tool to make a unique portrait of Johnny Cash. Individual frames are submitted and played in sequence, producing an ever-changing, collective music video for “Ain’t No Grave,” Cash’s final studio recording. Viewers can pause the video at any time to learn about each frame and the person who made it.

This Exquisite Forest

Collaborative Storytelling
Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk
Produced by Google Creative Labs and Tate Modern 2012

Platforms: Web-based

This crowdsourced art project lets participants contribute to an ever-growing collection of thematic animations. The website, produced by Google and the Tate Modern, uses the latest browser capabilities to support generative co-creation. Anyone can add to animations curated by prominent Tate artists, “branch” existing animations in a new direction, or start a new theme. The result is a stunning exploration of collective creativity.