An Evening at the Medialab with Time Warner Investments

9 May 2012 - By TW Staff

Time Warner recently opened the new Time Warner Medialab for a special evening with the Paley Center for Media, featuring a discussion about startups led by Time Warner Investments’ Rachel Lam. Held on May 9, it was moderated by Lam, Senior Vice President and Group Managing Director, Time Warner Investments, and featured a panel of other ridiculously smart, successful, and engaging people: Michael Barrett, Chief Executive Officer of Admeld; Waikit Lau, Cofounder of ScanScout and Senior Vice President of Business Development at Tremor Video; and Deb Roy, Cofounder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bluefin Labs. The evening also included Nikhil Sethi, the 23-year-old CEO and co-founder of Adaptfly, which Lam’s group had just invested in, who answered a question or two before bolting to the airport to catch a redeye to London.