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18 Oct 2012 - By TW Staff

With the launch of CNN Trends today, CNN Digital is introducing a new and collaborative way for people to consume news that truly democratizes the editorial process.

It’s a very easy to use but powerful tool: CNN Trends taps into the complex search algorithm of Zite, a personalized digital magazine app that CNN acquired in August 2011. Zite scours the web to find the interesting, relevant, and compelling stories that the world is talking about. So CNN Trends not only identifies the most buzzed about stories of the day, but it aggregates coverage from other news outlets and social networks, making it easier for you to get different perspectives and in-depth analysis. This helps users keep in step with a fast-paced news cycle, as the website will continue to update with new content as stories evolve.

"A healthy media diet consists of news, analysis and perspectives from more than one source," said KC Estenson, SVP CNN Digital. "CNN Trends embraces that concept and expands on it by allowing the social Web to determine which stories are featured. It’s the perfect place to discover new content and advance the narrative of a trending headline."

Everyone consumes news differently in this digital age, but relevance and user experience are king. The site is extremely user-friendly, and you can filter which news section you want to see, such as entertainment, tech, health, travel and more. Down the road, CNN Trends will begin to understand the news you like to read and will personalize the content provided to you.

This is of course only the debut of CNN Trends, and even more enhancements are under development, all designed to advance CNN’s trusted and respected journalism brand. Give it a test drive—who knows what’s trending right now?