Discovery's FutureTech Tests out Time Warner's Medialab

19 Oct 2012 - By TW Staff

Time Warner Global Media Group's Chief Marketing Officer Kristen O'Hara gave Discovery Canada's Daily Planet show an inside look at all of the whiz bang technology featured in the Time Warner medialab. The state of the art lab, which opened in January at Time Warner Center in New York, features the latest gizmos and several different environments for testing consumer reaction to media content.

Daily Planet's host, Lucas Cochran, got to play the latest Warner Bros.' Batman videogame while trying out the lab's biometric monitoring capabilities which test for emotional reaction to content by measuring participant's physiological responses. He also checked out the lab's eye tracking stations which test the effectiveness of content and ads on PC/web, TV and mobile devices, and also got to see how the lab's observation rooms work. See for yourself.

The medialab was spearheaded by the Time Warner Research Council in an effort to further understand the consumer behavior, evolving media habits and trends across Time Warner's businesses, brands and advertising partners.