Make The Most of Election Day

6 Nov 2012 - By TW Staff

There are two things you'll know for certain (well, presumably) by the end of tonight: who the President of the United States will be and that CNN covered the contest non-stop across an astonishingly impressive array of services and platforms. With so much great coverage planned, we've whipped up this handy checklist to help navigate the day.

  • Don't forget to vote, then get on your soapbox. Share your viewpoint on the candidates and top issues ranging from the economy and immigration to health care and foreign policy with CNN's "I'm Voting" app on Facebook.

  • Track real-time updates on the races. Read CNN's Political Ticker or CNN Live blogs. Visit the CNN Election Center online and get race results on the go with CNN's mobile apps, which feature candidate profiles, live-blogging, and the latest poll results.

  • Show off your "I Voted" sticker. Share photos of your sticker via Twitter or Instagram with the #IVotedCNN hashtag.

  • Stay socially connected for the latest elections buzz. Visit CNNPolitics on Facebook or follow @CNNPolitics on Twitter, and use the #CNNElections hashtag. GetGlue users looking for bragging rights can also check-in to CNN's Election Night in America coverage to receive limited-edition stickers. You can also go to The CNN Brief on Tumblr for infographics, animated GIFS and images to share on your own social networks.

  • Tune in at 6 p.m. ET to catch CNN's Election Night in America. Grab your snacks and settle in as the network's team of anchors and reporters bring coverage of the 2012 election season to a close, reporting from Washington, D.C., battleground states and the headquarters of both presidential candidates.
  • Keep tabs via the Empire State Building. If you're out and about in the Big Apple this evening, you can see who's ahead as CNN projects the winners in each state on the top of this iconic building. An LED illuminated “meter” will reflect blue for President Obama or red for former Governor Romney, giving you a stunning visual of the race to 270 electoral votes. Once the winner is projected, you'll see the spire and upper floors change to either red or blue.

  • Wherever you are, whatever device you are on, CNN has this historic day covered.