Star "Treatment" at HBO Europe

12 Nov 2012 - By TW Staff.

In the U.S., it's known as HBO's critically-acclaimed drama In Treatment. Across Europe it lives under many names – Bez Tajemnic in Poland, In Deriva in Romania and, in Hungary, it premiered last month as Terapia. And all are based on the Israeli series Be Tipul. But no matter what you call it, offshoots of the original TV drama about a therapist have been finding wide success at HBO Europe.

The popularity of the series has allowed HBO Europe to invest in more original programming at at time when terrestrial broadcasters in the region are cutting back, writes Variety's John Nadler. "Not only is HBO Europe reinventing itself as a program producer, it is being credited with upping TV quality in the region," he says.

You can read the full Variety article here.

And in addition to increasing original programming, later this month HBO Europe is launching a new version of HBO GO that features the ability to switch between languages, among other great innovations.