Bewkes Discusses Navigating the Technology Revolution

16 Nov 2012 - By TW Staff

“Produced programming will successfully migrate to internet distribution across the globe, because everybody wants to watch it and there are very healthy and different models of how you can watch it,” said Jeff Bewkes, chairman and chief executive of Time Warner, at the Paley Center for Media’s International Council Summit this morning.

In a Q&A session led by Chrystia Freeland, Digital Editor of Thomson Reuters, he shared his thoughts on the future of the media business and challenges the industry faces. Bewkes explained that digital innovation has helped get more content to more people, without imposing a higher cost on the consumer.

He noted that people want easy access to high-quality content through a user-friendly and seamless interface on any device, and without paying an additional fee. And while the way people consume media has changed drastically in the past few years, he pointed out “You can’t separate distribution and the content creation. There’s no king; you can’t have one without the other,” he said at the event, which Time Warner hosted in its conference center.

Watch a video of the full session below and hear what Bewkes had to say about creating a sustainable economic model for digital innovation, the growing trend of new video forms, and where Time Warner plans to grow internationally.