Seattle may not be the first place that jumps to mind when most people think about HBO. But as everyone who loves HBO knows, our company is as dedicated to creating great digital experiences as it is to great storytelling. With these twin passions in mind, we have created HBO Code Labs, our new software engineering office in Seattle. We are initially staffing it with a dozen new engineers who will complement our capabilities at HBO headquarters in New York, a team that has already led the development of and the groundbreaking HBO GO.

Why Seattle? The Northwest region has a wealth of talent with an established skill-set in the software arena making it the ideal place to open this new office and create a new development pipeline between NY and Seattle. I myself used to live there, and the office will be led by a former colleague from Microsoft, Drew Angeloff.

The team Drew is building will be moving into the permanent Seattle office space when it's finished in April. The fundamental goal of this new office will be to accelerate our ability to innovate and to deliver compelling new consumer experiences with HBO GO, MAX GO, and Just one example of the many opportunities we're excited about is around creating unique content-driven experiences similar to what audiences are enjoying already with True Blood and Game of Thrones interactive features on HBO GO. All of us at HBO are incredibly proud that HBO GO has gained widespread acclaim and acceptance by our subscribers and distributors. It really brings the concept of TV Everywhere to life: HBO GO is available to virtually all of our U.S. subscriber base, and we're also rolling it out in different markets around the world. We are planning to build on this momentum and create even richer experiences across even more platforms, and HBO Code Labs is going to be a great addition to this effort.