All-Access Innovation with Inside the Script

30 Jan 2013 - By TW Staff

(Pictured above: One of the rare documents found "Inside the Script" - a new line for Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.)

Since the launch of the "Inside the Script" series from Warner Bros. Digital Distribution early last year, fans of cinematic classics have been able to go deeper than ever before into their favorite films. The ebooks offer a rare glimpse behind the scenes of Casablanca, Ben-Hur, An American in Paris, and North by Northwest, with candid photos, storyboards, production notes and much more. And the publishing world is taking note.

Earlier this month, the "Inside the Script" series won the 2013 Publishing Innovation Award (PIA) for Best Digital First Ebook. The PIAs recognize the most innovative ebooks and apps for encouraging new thinking and improving the reading experience.

"Storytelling has always been at the vanguard of our business," said Thomas Gewecke, President, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. "And 'Inside the Script' provides fans of Warner classics like Casablanca an even richer movie experience – they are able to go inside the storytelling process in a way that would have never been possible before."

"Inside the Script" is considered to be a sort of all-access pass for movie buffs. And each of the four titles offer a slightly different experience. For example, Casablanca includes Jack Warner's telegrams and memos to the set, while North by Northwest includes production schedules and daily scene reports. With the success of the first four books in the series, Warner looks forward to offering additional titles in the near future.