Studying Which Super Bowl Ads Got Pulses Racing

5 Feb 2013 - By TW Staff

(Pictured above: Study participants in the Time Warner medialab in New York City. Photo credit: Ken Schneiderman)

Never mind the actual game, was your heart racing or did beads of sweat form on your forehead as you watched the best Super Bowl ads on Sunday? Time Warner’s medialab and its research partner, Innerscope, wanted to measure these sorts of things to find out which ads generated the most response on Sunday. So they gathered 60 study participants at two locations (Time Warner’s state-of-the-art medialab in New York, and Innerscope’s Boston Research facility). Among the notable findings: Budweiser’s Clydesdale ad had a big impact.

At the medialab in Time Warner Center, participants were hooked up to biometric-tracking torso belts, which capture and aggregate four channels of biometric data – heart rate, breathing patterns, skin sweat, and motion. Simultaneously, participants in Boston were being tested with the Innerscope lab’s eye-tracking technologies to see where exactly on the screen participants were looking at the moment of the response.

Research nerds call this a hub (TW medialab) and spoke (Innerscope’s Boston facility) method, and it allows Time Warner and Innerscope to capture data using multiple neuro research methods as consumers are exposed to content simultaneously.

Innerscope’s Brian Levine revealed some of the study’s initial findings on CNN, and you can get more exclusive findings from the Super Bowl study all week long on AdWeek's website.