For Warner Bros., it's a No Brainer

12 Mar 2013 - By TW Staff

There is nothing quite like a Japanese game show. And for Warner Bros., bringing the originality and entertainment value these shows offer to an international audience is, literally, a no brainer.

Last month, the pilot episode of No Brainer, a co-creation from TV Asahi and Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP), was filmed in London. The quiz show, based on Asahi's popular Speed King (photo above), has been revised for audiences in Europe and the U.S and will debut in April.

TV Asahi and WBITVP came together back in 2012 to bring TV Asahi’s unique brand of entertainment to the global marketplace (with tweaks, of course, for the new international audiences). According to the agreement, at least one project per year will be reformatted for a wider audience and produced as an English-language pilot. In addition to No Brainer, another new quiz show is in the works based on TV Asahi’s The Factory.

“When we first looked at TV Asahi’s vast selection of entertainment shows, Speed King was one which stood out and we were immediately interested in developing it for an international audience," said Andrew Zein, Senior Vice President, Creative, Format Development and Sales, WBITVP, in the announcement. "The pilot for No Brainer showcases this positive game show brilliantly - with its simple structure and potential for the underdog to save the day. We are excited about the potential of No Brainer – international audiences will enjoy watching the teams work together to win the big cash prize”.

No Brainer is a game of strategy, with each player ranked according to intelligence. Money is then added to the equation, with the player deemed most intelligent worth the least and the play most likely to answer incorrectly worth the most money. Will a player's correct answers keep him or her on the team? Or will they be more valuable in the form of cold, hard cash? Guess you'll have to watch to find out.