Warner Bros. Gives Back Some Gossip (to NYC)

11 Apr 2013 - By TW Staff

(Above: A scene from the series finale of the hit WBTV series.)

After six drama-filled seasons on The CW, WBTV's Gossip Girl came to an end last year – as only the Upper East Side could, with two weddings, a funeral and a Lonely Boy reveal. With all the UES excess on screen, leave it to eco-conscious Warner Bros. to find a way to reuse material from the set, thereby reducing waste, in a way that benefits the local community. In partnership with Encore! Material Donations and Film Biz Recycling, Warner Bros. donated racks of beautiful clothing showcased on the series to three non-profit organizations in New York City.

See more about all of it in the video below, from donation to reuse and the mission driving these partnerships.