(Pictured above: Julia Louis-Dreyfus with Vice President Joe Biden, in the vice president's West Wing office Friday.)

A Vice President's work is never done, especially the work of fictional Vice President Selena Meyer, who showed up for work at real Vice President Joe Biden's office on Friday.

The self-involved and hapless vice president on HBO's VEEP, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, had plenty of advice for the real vice president. Thankfully, Mr. Biden knew better than to take it seriously. He did, however, post a picture of the visit on the White House's Being Biden blog along with an audio narration by Louis-Dreyfus, and tweeted the photo to his followers. As the fictitious Ms. Meyer explains it, she came to have lunch with Biden: “I surprise him by sitting at his desk, so he thought he’d just ask my advice on various briefs he had to deal with. And I was happy to give him my advice, which he paid no attention to whatsoever, which is why he is such a wise vice president.”

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Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson